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[NOTE: This website has been dead for at least a decade. No one maintains this site or posts content on it. Probably needs to be taken down, but I'm too lazy for dat shiznit. -CLF2]

          [May 11th 2008]
     Yeah it's been a while since I updated this site. School and work have been kicking my arse, what can I say? Over winter break my dad and I tried to figure out what happened to my computer. We used all kinds of equipment, but results are highly inconclusive. I think I will go to my grave and never find out what happened to my computer. Did the nGorce 4 northbridge die? Did the BIOS get corrupt? Did something happen to my Opteron165? Who knows. I wish I did. So in the end, I had to suck it up and throw down the money for a new system foundation. This sucked because the hardware market was (and still is) in a bad place. Summer is usually the best time for computer hardware, not winter, and this past winter was no different. I had to go with an Intel X38 motherboard (which perform at least as well as a good nForce 680i motherboard) because there are no good nForce 680is left on the market. They don't exist anymore. I most certainly was not going to pay around $350 for an nForce 7 board. The Asus P5E motherboard using an X38 chipset was already expensive enough as it was. Yeah, I know, I know, I bought an Asus board even though I hate Asus and boycotted them for life. You must be wondering why. Well, it was the only board I found whose user reviews didn't scare me away from buying the damn thing. This thing has performed well and very reliably in the months I've had it so far. I grabbed an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 at 2.66 GHz because the AMD Phenom CPUs are pieces of trash, even though they are native quad-core. And the nForce 7s for AMD processors did not exist at the time I was rebuilding my PC. If I was building a system right now though, I would grab an nforce 780a and a Phenom 9650 Black Edition (B3 stepping), which is the only Phenom worth a damn (and it beats its closest competitor, the Intel Q6600). Going with a new system meant I had to grab some DDR2 RAM, so I nabbed some Corsair XMS DDR2-800 sticks for about $40 (after mail-in rebate) - I was trying to get back on my feet as quickly and as cheaply as possible. So yeah I used this system for the rest of winter break, and it has served me well so far. My new system is better than my old one, but I like it less. Also grabbed a 500GB Samsung SpinPoint T series HDD (Seagate isn't so hot right now with their reliability and replacement plans), which outperforms my 400GB Seagate drive. Now that I had another SATA-2 HDD, I slapped Windows Vista Ultimate on there and now I once again have a dual-boot XP x64 and Vista 64-bit setup. I rocked Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, and Unreal Tournament 3 on this system, and I finished Bioshock (finally) and am currently playing Crysis on the thing (Crysis is bringing my system to its knees). Now that a few games are starting run better on Vista, (and also because I'm without a good firewall on XP x64), I'm spending most of my time in Vista now. Except for the lack of the Hardware Audio Layer in the OS kernel, using Vista has been a good experience. I really do miss my nForce 4 Ultra's hardware firewall. No good software firewalls exist for 64-bit OSes, and since I'm forced to use the XP and Vista firewall, I chose the better of the two, which is obviously Vista's. I feel so vulnerable when I'm in XP using it's shiznitty half-firewall. While I was at it building a new PC, I eventually realized my dream of using the awesome Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi audio processor with 64MB of X-RAM, and I also picked up the same mouse I got for Ed Reedy's system, the Logitech G5 lazer mouse.

      I still have to update the pictures on this site. Gotta get LANParty 16 pics on here, as well as my 24th berfday party / X360 LANParty pics, pics of my new system, pics from Christmas 2007, and perhaps some other crap. Wish I had gotten one of those new Hafnium-based 45nm Intel processors, but at least my motherboard supports both them and PCI-Express 2.0, so my upgrade path is pretty good. Work has been great, love my job, don't mind the long drive sometimes, and now I've been put to work on the nVidia project. We test nVidia's drivers and pre-release hardware. I get to mess around with computers for 8 hours a day, it's great. nVidia is one of our biggest and most high-profile customers, so we work hard to serve them well and keep up our company's reputation. I finally bought an Xbox 360 (Elite model), and if ATi does come out with new graphics cards this month, and if nVidia does the same in June like we've all been hearing, then my next major purchase will be a new graphics card. After that a DS and eventually a PS3. Would also love to get my hands on a TV like Kirk's (Samsung 71 series with 120 Hz "AutoMotion" - man I love that 120Hz!!!) Man do I need a new graphics card. I updated my GPU every two years, and it's that time again. Crysis decimates all graphics cards on the market right now. My sister also has a much better computer than I do, a quad-core Intel CPU and a GeForce 9600 GT with 512MB of vRAM. Her RAM is of the same spec as mine. She can run my games a hell of alot better than I can, and she's not even a gamer! I built her system so she could play Guitar Hero 3!!!!!!! Man, the irony. But I could buy a new graphics card now, but none of them are worth it. nVidia has been rehashing the same damn GeForce 8 GPUs, even calling them the "GeForce 9800" series now, and all they do is manufacture them on a smaller process so they use less power and give off less heat. They are still rather weak for games like Crysis, and the higher end models are crippled by their shiznitty memory bandwidth (256-bit wide instead of 384-bit wide like on the first gen GeForce 8s). The GeForce 8800GT is a great card, and it's very cheap, but it's not good enough for me. What is good enough for me hasn't been brought to market yet, and we don't know when it's gonna happen. I'm just tired of nVidia price gouging us and rehashing the same crap over and over again just because ATi gives them no competition. I tell yah, the PC market sucks right now. We need GPUs with all new architecture. nVidia needs a card that truly deserves the GeForce 9 name. Anyways, I'll see if I get some time to actually put the pics on this site that need to go up on here.

      In an unrelated note, ignore what my XFire profile says about Crysis. I have not only played the game for less than one hour. I've played it for many hours. The problem is, XFire doesn't recognize Crysis' 64-bit executable, so it doesn't log my hours in Crysis, and it won't let my friends on XFire know when I'm playing Crysis. There's nothing that can be done about that. I've tried different modding tricks, they don't work. All we can do is wait and see if the XFire team gets off their lazy asses and updates the program to recognize the 64-bit executable. After all, the 64-bit version of the game is the true version. We're all using 64-bit processors, and most of the people I know who are into computers are using 64-bit OSes, so there's no excuses not to have 64-bit applications and games. And if they are there, we use them. Crysis is just one of many examples. The rest of the industry needs to get on board with the quickness. 64-bit should have been old news years ago. I blame Microsoft. Vista should have been 64-bit only. Even Mac OSX is now only 64-bit, and Linux had been 64-bit way before WinXP. I'm tired of all this damn 32-bit software. I don't remember the PC industry dragging their feet like this when we moved to 32-bit, but now all of a sudden we pretend 64-bit doesn't really exist. What BS, what nonsense. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [November 6th 2007]
     Well I got screwed. Sometime towards the end of October, my awesome gaming PC effectively died. Throughout the whole past month I had been experiencing BSODs - one in particular: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that this means that one or more of my physical hardware components is failing / has failed. But which ones? I don't have enough time to troubleshoot the PC becuase of school. Heck I don't like to work on PCs during school semesters anyways. I did as much troubleshooting as I could (putting important assignments aside, which would screw me over later time-wise), and I managed to isolate every damn component except two: the CPU and the motherboard. One of these two (or both) components is/are dying on me. I doubt it's the CPU, since Opterons are workstation / server CPUs with more refined, higher-quality silicon. They have higher fault tolerances. I don't think the overclock killed it either. Kirk and Kyle overclocked their Opteron 165s much higher than I did, and they are still running fine. Not to mention my temps barely increased. The temp increase was extremely insignificant. Kyle basically has the same PC as me, and his mobo and CPU are still going strong. All the rest of my hardware is running fine, I've tested each part individually. I won't get around to testing the CPU and mobo until winter break. My computer barely managed to get through LANParty 16, and then it was done. I'm glad it at least worked for most of the LAN. I thought that weekend was going to be one big long BSODfest.

     In the meantime, I rebuilt my old PC (the one I had turned into a Linux box), and let me tell you, that nForce 2 Ultra 400 mobo, the Athlon XP 3200+, and the Radeon 9800 Pro (with a measly 128MB of vRAM) is certainly not cutting it. It'll get me through the rest of the semester, but running 3D Studio Max on this thing is hardly ideal. Even when playing Portal and HL2 Ep2, I had to turn the res down to 1024 x 768 in order to get high textures on. I basically get no HDR, and the framerates is only 60 fps most of the time. I should never have to see below 60 frames-per-second on an old-ass Source engine game. Yesterday Call of Duty 4 shipped, and today Gears of War for PC and FEAR: Perseus Mandate ship. I don't get to play any of those games now. Crysis comes out next week, and I had to go to Kirk's house to play the demo. Kirk is borrowing my graphics card cuz otherwise it would go to waste. At least this way he gets to play games like BioShock which he really wanted to play (and which I didn't get to finish). Plus it counts as long-term testing in another system, so that's another component that has been successfully isolated. Many of you know that I reserved (and paid for in full) Unreal Tournament 3 months ago, which ships on the 19th of this month. I'll go to the store, pick it up, come home and not have a computer to play it on. I guess that's another one I'll be playing at my friends' houses. I might have to get Super Mario Galaxy next week just so I can have something to play (I was not intending to get this game until Christmas).

     On a good note, I actually (finally) got a job in the game industry. Freelance game testing company Absolute Quality in Hunt Valley, MD recently hired me to be a QA tester for video games. Screw you, Bethesda Softworks [for not hiring me last summer]!!! The only problem is that they are an hour away, and with traffic it can easly take 2 to 2.5 hours to get there. There is a steep learning curve and training is hard and slow. It also takes away much-needed time for schoolwork. This is not about the money though (especially since I don't get paid much), this is about experience and about making that resume look good. And boy does it look good with this on there. The work environment over there is great, too. Maybe now I can save up enough money to A.) finally get an Xbox360 B.) get a graphics card that can easily handle Crysis and DirectX 10 C.) repair my computer by replacing the failing component(s). If my CPU is screwed, I can replace it easily without much cost (or the warranty will cover it - I hope). If the motherboard is screwed, well there is no sense in getting another Socket 939 mobo, if I can even find one. I'm not even sure I want Socket AM2. The quad-core Opterons are already out, and the Phenoms are about to be released, so I'll probably build a system around that. Either that, or I'm gonna have to roll with the Intel "Penryn" Core 2 Duos or quad-cores. All I know is that I definitely need a motherboard with an 8-phase power design (they're really great for long-term stability and reliability, especially when overlocking - although I do not intend on overclocking a CPU again, at least not for a while).

     Got more pictures to get up on this site. We recently had LANParty 16. There's also my berfday party at the beginning of September (yes it was a late berfday party), which featured an Xbox360 LANParty with BBQ and cake by none other than professional chef Adam Wrast. Also my friends got together to get me a Nintendo Revolution (aka Wii) for my berfday, so many thanks to them for that. I was finally able to play through Metroid Prime 3 and finish the story I started with the first game back in 2002. Playing through Super Metroid on the Virtual Console was great, as was playing the REAL Super Mario Bros 2. There might be other stuff I need to put on this site as well, I'm not sure. School is the slave-massah, and I don't be rememberin' much these days other than pleasin' dah massah. I'll see what else needs to go on the site. I also just got the 5th Halo novel, Contact Harvest, which is a prequel to the Halo story and centers around Sgt. Avery Johnson. I hope sometime soon (probably over winter break) I'll get a chance to read through it. This one was not written by normal Halo author Eric Nylund. Rather, this one was written by the man who came up with Halo and the Halo universe himself, the one who writes the story and cinematics for the games, and who also writes the dialogue (if I'm not mistaken). That man of course would be none other than Joseph Staten. I'm only about 35 pages into the book, so I don't know how good his writing is yet. So far it's been serviceable, but it's gonna be mighty hard to impress me after reading Eric Nylund's work on the previous novels. Anyways yeah school is owning me hard, and work probably will too pretty soon, so yeah that's wassup. Having no gaming computer is really destroying my mind. Also, I think I wrote too damn much. This is not a blog, but I had to explain what was going on with me and my computer and shiznit. These kinds of things affect the updating of this website, which is what's really relevant here. I hate blogs, and no matter how much you people beg I'm not gonna make one. If you like blogs so much, go check out my friend Ken's blog. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [August 20th 2007]
     I uploaded pictures from when I built a new gaming system for Kyle's dad Ed. Chris has already moved out to Washington for college, and the parents are gonna stay with him for a few weeks to make sure he gets situated out there and used to living on his own. Gonna be weird, with him all the other way on the other side of the country fending for himself. At least he'll get the best damn education an aspiring game developer can possibly get at Digipen. This is my last week of summer vacation before I go back to school, this time at the University of Baltimore where I can finally finish college and get my degree in video game design and programming. I've been in college for too many years and it's time to get the heck out. Alot of time wasted and alot of money spent, and I'm not getting any younger. I should have stuck with Justin. Ah well whatever, too late for regrets. Nothing left but to push forward. Also applied for a job (and had the interview) as a game tester at Absolute Quality, hope that goes through. I need this on my resume. I don't care that the damn place is an hour away in Hunt Valley, MD. I don't care about the pay either. I need to get my foot in the door in the game industry, and the best way for an up-and-coming game programmer to do this is to get a job as a game tester. Damn Bethesda Softworks for not hiring me last year! Other than all that, I be chillin'.

     [August 24th 2007] MINOR UPDATE: Kirk and I went back to Ed's house to clean up the cabling job on his PC. We also got the lights for the front panel LEDs (HDD LED and Power LED) to work, changed the refresh rate on the monitors, and played the BioShock demo on the PC with DirectX 10 effects enabled. New pictures of his PC have been uploaded. I also uploaded pictures of Chris desk setup with 3 monitors across 2 PCs before he moved out. School's about to start and I'm gearing up for my berfday as well. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [August 11th 2007]
     I finally got the pictures for LANParty 15 uploaded, along with the pictures from the BBQ Kirk had for Dave's berfday. Go check 'em out in the usual place. I'm now working on Chris' Graduation pics [UPDATE - already done and uploaded], the pics of when I installed a new NB fan on my motherboard [UPDATE - Completed on 08/13/07], and Chris' triple PC setup. Chris has since disconnected the monitor from the Linux machine and is now using it as a secondary display on his main WinVista PC, which is now also dual-booting with Ubuntu Linux. As for the main Linux PC, I will get rid of Fedora Core 6 and install Ubuntu on that as well. BTW, yesterday was my mom's berfday, and this coming Friday Chris will be leaving to attend college at the number 1 school in the world for video game design and programming, the Digipen Institute of Technology in Washington state. Well, at least he can chill with Justin all the way over there. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [July 16th 2007]
     Still haven't put up any of those pictures I need to put up. Anyways, for the past few weeks I was stuck using my brother's laptop because my GeForce 7900 GT was finally dying (it came from a faulty batch). I sent it back through RMA for free replacement (which took forever). Of course, since the 7900 GT is an old card that is no longer made, they replaced it with the current market equivalent, teh GeForce 7950 GT. Ha I got a free upgrade. This also happened to Eric last year when they gave him a 7900 GTO to replace his 7900 GT. My new 7950 GT is a card that is based of the flagship card of the 7900 series, the 7950 GX2. This was a card that was actually two graphics cards in one (so if you got two of these, you could do quad-SLI). My 7950 GT is basically one-half of the dual-card GX2. I just got this replacement card last Friday, so I'm still trying to recover from not having had my PC for so long. Two of my blacklights no longer work, and I'm trying to figure out why. My damn office chair broke, and now sitting at my desk is uncomfortable because no chair I can find around the house has a proper seating height - they are either too high or too low. And none of them are nowhere near as comfortable as my office chair (which even has massage features but I only used them once). Finally, I got even more pictures that I need to put on this site, like pics from the BBQ we had at Kirk's house for Dave's berfday. The pics of my broken office chair are also hilarious. Well to everyone except me. And I dunno I think there's some more stuff but eh I'm too lazy. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [June 21st 2007]:
     There's alot of pictures I need to upload, but I just don't feel like doing it. Some of these pictures include Diego's new PC (and its build process), LANParty 15 (which happened at Kirk's house at the beginning of the summer), Chris' high school graduation pictures (occurred in early June), pics of when I was rebuilding my computer after my motherboard northbridge fan died, Chris' triple-computer setup with his main desktop, the Linux box, and his new laptop (which is for school work at Digipen), a ton of new samples of Jay's current artwork, and I think a ton of other crap. I just don't feel like doing any of it. I will eventually get around to some of it, like Chris' graduation pics, but other stuff like the LANParty, well you've all seen the other LANParty pics and know what one looks like by now. It's all the same. Jay should be uploading his own artwork to his own digital portfolio. I do want to get those pics of my new NB setup on here, as the new cooler I got (the all-copper Evercool VC-RE with LED fan) looks tight and I got pics of the actual nForce4 Ultra chip itself. It's not fair to Diego if I don't get his PC pics up on here, cuz everyone else pretty much has their crap on here. Also got some funny pics of my d*mn office chair breaking. I was sitting in that shiznit when it broke too. Wasn't as bad as Jay's chair when it broke though. I've been busy handling crap for school, trying to play games when I can, doing stuff around this hizzouse, and now I gotta RMA my graphics card. Yipee. This is one reason why I need two gaming PCs - so I don't have to deal with computer downtime. One final note: more of you biznatches need to get up on that XFire shiznit. Also, don't be looking for no regular updates on this site, this ain't no d*mn blog. And it ain't ever gonna be. Fooz. (Blogs are geigh.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________

           [April 12th 2007]:
     Dan finally got a new computer, a real gaming machine. I got some pics of it in the Pictures Gallery. The real defining aspect about his machine is his GeForce 8800 GTS with 640MB of video RAM and full DirectX 10 / Pixel Shader 4.0 support. That feature alone is what makes it a monster. The rest of the components are aiight. Well the motherboard is also awesome, and his X-Fi sound card is insane, but the rest is nothing to write home about. I got some more pictures to upload later, including pics of Chris' computer, my old machine which was turned into a Linux box, and Chris' Spring Break trip to Washington state to check out the school he is going to this fall (DigiPen Institute of Technology, which is the best video game programming and design school in the world), and to see Nintendo of America along with NST (Nintendo Systems Technologies) and Microsoft (where he met up with our good friend J****n who hooked us up with our copies of Windows Vista few months back). Chris actually drove down there with my mom and dad, a 40+ hour trip I would never EVER go through in my life if I can help it. It's the freakin' extreme other side of the United States man. A plane ride is cheaper and only takes 5 hours. Eh whatever. Check back later for these updates.

[9:21 pm] Yeah I got those last pics uploaded. You can check 'em out in the usual place. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

           [January 29th 2007]:
     I uploaded some pictures I took real quick when Dave got his Nintendo Wii and came over. This was on the 21st of January. Dave and Chris' friend John had been trying to get their hands on Wiis for weeks, since they both already owned the Wii version of Zelda TP with no system to play it on! So yeah go check 'em out. In other news, I installed Fedora Core 6 Linux on my old PC so I can get really familiar with Linux. Who can call themselves a true PC geek and not know how to use Linux? Well up to now, that was me. I'm taking a class on Unix / Linux now, so I hope to get really good with both OSes. I had used Linux before, Knoppix version 3.7 (CD) and version 5 (DVD), which is a distribution of Linux that runs directly off of an optical disc, so it's really portable. I never really used the shell terminal though; Knoppix used the KDE GUI so I had been using Linux like I was using a Windows system. I tried to get KDE to work on Fedora Core 6, but it wouldn't for some reason I'm not sure of. Right now it's using GNOME. I still have no idea how to install programs. I tried to figure it out for several hours stretched over two days this past weekend, and I've been looking at a wealth of online resources, and I still cannot install programs! Eh whatever. If you grow up a gamer, you grow up on Windows. That's just how it is. Chris also got a new system. I would upload pictures of it, but eh there's no reason too. The case ain't much, and the motherboard is dissapointing. We were stuck getting a TigerDirect bundle for $400 bones that had a crappy SiS756 chipset (instead of an nForce 4/5/6) on the Asus mobo (people who know me know I hate Asus with a passion). Well, at least teh SiS756 performs nearly as good as an nForce4, it's just lacking in features, mainly SATA 2.0 support, so Chris' HDD is running at half the speed it should be running at (1.5 GB/sec instead of 3.0 GB/sec). He did get a GeForce 7900 GS (basically and overclocked 7800 GT) and the awesome dual-core Athlon 64 FX-60 processor. He now has the fastest PC out of everyone we know, at least until Kyle Kirk and I decided to increase our overclock speed even higher. Anyways, I'm glad Chris can now play the kind of games the rest of us play. Poor Jay, his super-expensive Alienware will now be the weakest system at LANParties. And with all the money he wastes playing WoW, it's gonna stay the weakest system for a while. I hope he gets onboard with the PCI-Express / Dual-Core processors / Shader Model 3.0 or better graphics cards soon. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

           [January 15 2007]:
     So at long last I got the Christmas 2006 pictures uploaded. Go check 'em out in the usual section. It took me a long time to get around to putting these up, but there were issues I had to handle. For example, my momz and my sizter would not let me put up pictures with them in it. I dunno why. Makes no sense to me. But yeah, I got all the rest of the pictures uploaded. Took a while because I had to seperate all the horizontal pictures from the vertical pictures so I could use the appropriate custom Photoshop resizing Actions on them when I batch-processed them. I had trouble with organizing all these pictures as well, especially when I had to separate the pictures I was allowed to put up from the ones I wasn't allowed to show. For some reason it turned out to be harder than putting up my LANParty pictures. Eh whatever. Check 'em out, suckahz! ___________________________________________________________________________________________

           [January 9 2007]:
     We had LANParty XIV (is that Roman-Numeral for 14?) this past weekeend, since it was time for our winter vacation LAN. Go check out the screenshots, and read up on what went down at this LANParty. It went from Saturday to Monday. We were gonaa start it on Friday like normal, but we pushed it back a day to go hang at Kyle's house and use his hottub. Except that didn't happen, because he had to spend Friday with his girlfriend to, as he put it, "buy LAN time." Well, we can understand that. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

           [November 28th 2006]:
     So we had LANParty XIII this past weekend. It was fun. It was aiight. Could have been better, but eh. Another LAN squeezed into the middle of the semester. Back at Kirk's house too. So I've got the pictures uploaded, go check them out. As usual, let me know if you see any mistakes, or if something looks wrong with the page or the pictures. The details of the LAN will be on the page for the pics, of course. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

download firefox logo
Aww yeah biznatches, aww yeah.
(Click the above pic to start downloading Firefox 2)

          [October 28th 2006]:
     Man this joint is the shiznit. All the crap I find handy includes a tab history, a tab drop-down window so I can instantly see and choose any of the tabs I have open, an arrow to scroll through the tabs when I have so many open they won't all fit on-screen, and a restore function so that if Firefox crashes or your PC restarts due to crashing or power loss, your exact browsing session will be re-opened just as you left it. Handy for my bro and my sis who don't have a UPS on their systems to provide battery-backup when the power goes out. I also like how by default all links that would normally open in a new window now open in a new tab. That was available in previous versions of Firefox, but it was not set by default. Right now I'm stuck using the default theme because none of my old themes work with the new version. I'm hoping the guys who made these themes either get them to work on v2 soon, or that some vicious newer themes come out that I like. I'm sure all the security stuff that Firefox 2 has going on is nice too, but I wouldn't know. With my general knowledge of what to stay away from, and with two hardware firewalls, security has never really been an issue for me. Anyways, I'm glad the Mozilla team has stepped up, and taken this thing to a whole new level. Ha right on the heels of IE7 too. Yeah I got IE7 as well, but that's just because HomeSite+ uses IE for previewing my XHTML work, and cuz I don't like to have older, even crappier software installed. I'm sure IE7 has to has some decent fixes in it. I hate the GUI on it, though. Doesn't matter cuz I don't use it, heh. So yeah fooz. Click the link-pic above and make sure your asses get on this joint quick. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [October 19th 2006]:
     Yeah I uploaded the pictures of when I was hanging with Kirk the other day, when he was installing his new dual-core Opteron 165. He also got some new RAM and a new monitor. Head over to the picture galleries to check it out. As usual if you see any mistakes, hit me up and let me know wassup. All the relevant details as to what went on are on the page, as usaul. The pics of his RAM and monitor will be uploaded not too long after the initial pictures go up. That's because when I first uploaded the initial pictures, I hadn't even been back to his house to take pictures of the RAM or the monitor. They'll be up by the end of the day though. [UPDATE] Aiight so I was wrong. It took me 'till about 1:30 am or so to get the other pictures online. I didn't miss the mark by much though. I didn't get around to Kirk's house until like 9 pm, and I didn't start updating the page with the new pics until like 1 am or so. But eh they're there now. So go check 'em out, homez. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [October 18th 2006]:
     So yeah it has become obvious that the only thing I use this ghetto site for is the picture galleries. It's the only way my homies in other places like Dan (who's at skool in Nebraska) or Er1c (who lives in Vegas) or Vic (my cousin who lives in Texas) can see what we've been up to over on tha East Coast. I think for now that's all I intend to use this site for. None of the other areas get updated, heck I even forgot they were there. I think I need to remove some of the useless pages that don't get used for anything. Man I don't even upload all my pictures, cuz it's time consuming and hella tedious. I probably should change or remove the subtitle of this site, and get rid of all references on the site navigation that refer to the two areas that I will probably never end up making. In general, I forget this website even exists. Every once in a while I stumble upon it, or someone reminds me of it, and I'm like "Oh yeah that website is still there, huh." So yeah. I don't think I even get practice with XHTML on this site anymore. In general there is no use to this place. No one else contributes to the site either. I guess I'm just using it because my dad pays for the webspace. Heck, look at my dad's main webspace, Ain't nothin' goin' on over there either. We just don't do shiznit. Still, I went through alot of trouble to get things on here, so I'm not saying we should just shut the site down. Just don't come here looking for anything special. I don't have the drive, the energy or the time to make this into anything better. We'll see where all this goes, though. I do indeed have alot to say about video games and tech news, but I end up saying it all in email or in person, having major discussions with my friends. No one comes here either. Yeah, I think I'm terminating this as a major project. It never was high on my list to begin with. It was more like, "Oh look! I can barely code some XHTML and I can put it up on the world wide web! Yippee, and hooray for me!" Now that the novelty has worn off, I'm like yyeeahh. Ssoooo. I like boats. Whatever. So yeah, I'll put new pictures on here and that's about it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

          [October 17th 2006]:
     So uh yeah. Heading over to Kirk's house about 6:30pm to help him install his new Opteron165, which is the same processor Kyle and I have that we both overclocked. Kirk went with the Socket 939 and DDR1 RAM because it was more cost effective than Socket AM2. I mean, Kyle and I each paid $327 for that damn thing, and even then it was a heck of a deal. Kirk only paid $159.99!!! Those freakin' Intel core 2 Duo's made all of AMD's prices drop like a fat kid eating a cupcake off the ground. Or something like that.

[UPDATE 11:40pm] Yeah Kirk got his CPU installed all right. We had some trouble at first with a few things but we got it working fine after a bit. Now he's just waiting for his new monitor and RAM to come in. Probably tommorrow. I'll write more about what actually went down when I upload the pictures.

Chris is also ready to build his new PC. He has the money, all he needs is for those DirectX 10 GeForce 8s to come out in November. I'm still making his parts list. Intel is still too expensive a route, and Socket AM2 for AMD is also not cost effective, though I wanted Chris to rock AM2. But with AM2+ and then AM3 coming out over the next two years, he gets rocked anyways. The AM2+ has HypterTransport 3.0, and AM3 supports DDR3 RAM and whatever else is new in 2008. So Chris may yet end up being the 4th person to get an awesome Opteron 165. We need cheap processors that overclock well. I didnt want to have to OC his processor, but it just saves too much money. Too bad though, DFI's new LANParty SLI board for socket AM2 has a copper HSF for the northbridge, lowering temps by about 10 degree Celsius or more! I could use an all-copper HSF for my northbridge, all the stuff in my PC except for the CPU run kinda hot. Though I think my temperature sensors may be off by as much as 5 degrees C. That's not cool, but I just pretend that's not the case. Especially since I don't know any way to fix them. So my NF4 NB, the PWMIC and of course the graphics card get waaaay too hot for my liking. But they are all still running rock-solid stable, my whole system is.

We got a LANParty planned for November right after Thanksgiving, number 13. It's at Kirk's house. Hope it kicks ass. We got some new people planning to show up, like Marco, though he only has a crappy laptop and even worse, a new crappy iMac. Macs have no place among gamers, and it will be an ugly sight at the LANParty, but sadly it's the best computer he has. He has an Intel Core 2 Duo in it, and he's using Boot Camp to run Windows XP. That's the only way he can play games. Well, it'll be weird, cuz Macs dont fit at LANParties, which are a celebration of the case mod culture. Apple has never supported or cared about the case-mod culture, or power gamers / users. LANParties are also a guy thing, and Apple products are way to feminine for us. Anyways as usual I'll get pics of this LANParty, as well as pics when I go to Kirk's house today. Dave wants to make it to the the LAN, cuz he hasn't been to one in a while. He says he's gonna come. I'm not holding my breath. If anything, him not showing up means I dont have to wait for him to get outta work and then interrupt my gaming to go get his computer. His ex-girlfriend is apparently a gamer (yeah right), and she wants to come to a LAN too. Whatever. As long as she has her own damn PC. LANParties are BYOC, of course.

I might start using this website as a means to distribute my Unreal Tournament 2004 levels. Yeah I'm already well on my way into learning Unreal Editor version 3.0, thanks both to the bonus DVD that comes with the special edition (which Jay owns), and of course the class I'm taking for my gaming degree, IS195: Building Game Worlds - Level Designing and Modding. Wish they had a class that specifically focused on C++ game programming and DirectX. I've been programming in C++ for around 8 years and still can't do shiznit with it. Almost like I've been a perpetual beginner that whole time.

Javier has been telling me forever to take the ColdFusion course. My friend and game design partner Mike Couture is taking this course, and has shown me some of the code. Man, people who understand C++ will have no problem with this easy crap. If statements, loops, passing variables and all that nonsense. Now I am too lazy to teach myself, but the course isn't a bad idea. What would I use it for though? I guess I could rebuild this whole website in ColdFusion. That's not a bad idea. Though I'm probably too lazy to do it. Still, ColdFusion would be something cool and fun to learn. Never know when it comes in handy.


          [August 21st 2006]:
     Yeah today is my sister's 21st berfday. Go her. Anyways, I got to open up one of my berfday presents two days ago, cuz my mom said I won't have enough time to enjoy it before school start (my berfday is a week before school). So yeah I took some screenshots and wrote some stuff describing the keyboard and posted them on this site. They're on the same page as the rest of the pics showing off my new PC. Go check 'em out. Yeah, I'm still looking into getting a modern CSS layout on this site. I just haven't found a layout yet that looks like it would match this site pretty well. Yeah for starters I'm gonna go get a free CSS layout and use it, I don't know anything about CSS so I can't make my own layout. I'm gonna go get someone else's and try to modify it to match my site as well as possible. Props to Javier for showing me where to look, since he's apparently too busy to make a layout for me or teach me how to do it. I haven't had much time to work on this site because I've been helping my mom and my bro with some house projects, mainly involving tearing down walls, putting up new drywall and painting entire rooms. When I'm not doing that I'm playing games like Oblivion or hangin' with the homeys. Or just plain doing nothing. Maybe I should go look for a job (heh or a girlfriend). Nah. Well, in any case, even though I have material to open up the DrezTech Zone and the Gaming Shiznit, I'm just too lazy to do it. I like doing other things with my time, like doing nothing at all. That's what summer's for.


          [August 19th 2006]:
     I was messing around with my XFire profile stuff, and decided to see if I could add the miniprofile to my webpage. It worked, as you can see above. My damn homeyz need to get on that shiznit. Screw AIM and MSN Messenger and all that, XFire makes it too damn easy for us to instantly join each other online on the same exact server. With the press of a button, the game can be launched and the server joined instantly. Not to mention it has an automatic download service for patches and updates for all installed games, and voice chat (as well as messenging) to make in-game coordination much easier. I don't see why any real gamer would be using anything else. But, for now it's just me, 0ring0 and Er1c (nymn), and this dude Marco (gunwing0) who I used to hang with a bit in high school (just met up with him again after 6 years or so), but all he plays is Counter-Strike: Source and a little bit of WarCraft III: Frozen Throne here and there. Those are two games I never play. Other people like Reprisal, HeavensRedSun and Ar53nic do have XFire accounts, but they never ever log on. Dumbasses. Not like it matters, all they ever play is World of Warcraft anyways (same goes for Er1c). Damn I hate that game.


          [August 7 2006]:
     LANParty 12 ended yesterday, and I decided I wasn't gonna put this off and wait forever before I uploaded the pictures. Nope, as you can see, I busted this shiznit out the day after. I got right on top of that shiznit. So go ahead and check 'em out, and as usual, if you see any problems holla at me. All I can say is, LANParty 12 resulted in one of the best weekends Ive ever had, and allz I know is, we gotta do more of them like this one. The only reason I took so many pictures is because we played alot of games that made you sit out if you died in that round (Rainbow6 RS), or which took some time while you planned your next move and gathered resources (RTSes). Otherwise, I would have spent all that time playing, cuz we did play nonstop. Sucks for all those that missed out.


          [July 28th 2006]:
     Hmmm today when I was chillin' at Kirk's house I noticed some pics from LANParty 7 were missing. I noticed cuz we didn't see one of the angry pictures of Justin, who hates it when I take pictures of anything. So I got home and sure enough, I somehow forgot to include the last 6 pictures. So yeah there you go, they're up now. I'm sure I'll be finding more mistakes as time goes on. Let me know if you guyz notice any mistakes or problems as well. Man, I gotta learn to use CSS so I can make this site modern and neat. Javier ain't helpin' me with none o'that shiznit, that ain't coo. I'm using all of this outdated code and that's gonna screw me over in the future. Ah whatever. No one ever looks at this site or comes here anywyas. I need to see about getting that prototype Flash game I did up on this site (top-down space shooter). Created it for an Intro to Flash Animation course. Tried to beef it up in the Advanced Flash Actionscript Programming course, but that never happened. Meh.


          [July 27th 2006 - 11:48pm]:
     Dang spent all day (with long breaks here and there) getting the pics of my new PC and Kyle's new PC up. But it was faster, these didn't have as many pics as the LANParties, nowhere near as many. So I finally got them done, that's all I really wanted to do. Time to take a break for a while. Hope you guyz enjoy 'em. Now I can focus on getting this site looking nice, neat, and modern.


          [July 27th 2006 - Around midnight]:
     Thank God Almighty I finally have all the LANParty pictures posted! I'll tell you what I learned from this, I'm not gonna take as many pictures at the next LANParty, that's for d*mn sure. Usually, if the LANParty is good I'm playing more and I have less time to take pictures. Also, I really need to learn how to make full-blown scripts in Photoshop so I don't have to change hundreds of pictures into thumbnails manually and all at once. I just wish there was a faster, less tedious way to code a webpage to display all these d*mn pictures! Well next up, some pics of my PC and Kyle's PC, and whatever other little things need to be added and displayed. After that I'll look at getting a clean modern look to this whole website. Maybe replace those links on the left-hand side of every page into buttons. I see that the banner could stand to have more links and text in it. There's alot of space there. I think also I can finally get started on the DrezTech zone, all I have to do is pull out all those emails I send to you guys when we have tech discussions and when I talk about new hardware. The Gaming Shiznit area can also use material from my emails. The read problem with these things is displaying all that text in a clean organized easy-to-read manner. None of this green text on black background crap. Kirk mentioned I should leave the whole website looking like this though. It's properly ghetto. He said that's how we do everything, including setting up the networks at LANParties, so we should be like this in everything. Heh I don't think so, Tim.


          [July 26th 2006 - 2:30am]:
     Well I got LANParties 7 and 10 done. All that's left is LP7 Failure and LP11, and then I'm gonna upload pics of my new computer and Kyle's new computer. Hopefully I'll get around to all this over the next few days.


          [July 26th 2006 - 12am]:
     I finally got one of the hardest galleries up, pics from LANParty 9. There were waaaay too many pictures for that one. I'm getting ready to create the pages for LANParties 7 and 10, and I've already got the thumbnails created (loooong tedious process). It's about 12:25 am right now, so I got some time left before bed. I'm not looking forward to when I have to create the thumbnails and the webpage for LP7 Failure, but LANParty 11 should not be that bad. Still gonna suck though. After I get those two done, time for a break for a few days, and then I'll look at what else I need to get on this website.


          [July 25th 2006]:
     Well I've decided it's finally time to get the rest of the LANParty pics uploaded, and whatever other pics that need to be displayed. I didn't know people still look at the site, but indeed Dave not only still looks at the site, but he shows it off to other people! Yeah this website is not exactly in the kind of condition that I intended people other than my friends to see. Dave in general shows other people the LANParty pics, so with that in mind, I got LANParty 8 pictures uploaded. I still need to do 7, 9, 10 and 11. I intend to get those pictures displayed over the next few days. And I'm still slowly (very slowly) heading towards my goal of a nice, neat, user-friendly site as explained below. But getting the pics uploaded takes a looong time, and it's very tedious, so I'm getting that outta the way first. I also need to get pics of my new PC uploaded, and of course there's also random other pics like the Corvette which people have been wanting to see. So yeah, I hope I get all that done soon, and without killing myself.


          [April 16th 2006]:
     Well I finally got my own domain name, and also finally the domain name matches the name of the site. I moved everything over, and now the next step is to make a nice-looking, user friendly site. Have any of you seen the new GameFAQs layout or Javier Julio's personal website? I want to make a site that looks as nice (and is as easy to navigate) as those two. Hopefully one day soon I will get the time to do that.


     [January 4th 2006]:
Um yeah. This website is a complete mess, code wise. Dear Lord I'm surprised it works. It'll take me forever to clean this shiznit up. This whole site needs to be redone from scratch. Holy crap.


     NOTE: This site is still under heavy construction. There's a lotta work to be done over the next few months. In the meantime, check out the picture galleries. (Actually, what this site is really about is a chance for me to get my feet wet in XHTML, so it's all hand-coded and looks kinda ugly as a result.

     Here's a little bit about each section. The DrezTech Zone has PC Hardware and Tech reviews, reviews, and in-depth analysis. The Gaming Shiznit area is where me and my dawgz discuss video games and gaming industry news. The Picture Galleries section has pictures of various events, as well scans of mah dawgz' artwork. Ar53n1c's Domain showcases Jay's Artwork and Pics of when he first got his Alienware (which was a major event for him). Redz Rantz is where Reprisal (aka Kirk) complains about crap, and also contains other sections of interest to him. Kickass Quotes is a list of all the funniest crap we've heard. Mah D4wgZ are all those who contribute to tha site.

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