Tha Rantz:

This is where Kirk (Reprisal) goes on about something or other. The Angry Red Man always has something to complain about. (NOTE: The table below only looks right in Internet Explorer for some reason).

Rantz Archive:
Rant # Date of Rant Rant Topic and Link
6 February 11th 2005 Rant 6: Kirk Barely Gets Into Why VW Sucks
5 February 9th 2005 Rant 5: Reprisal Complains About People Who Complain About The Police
4 February 2nd 2005 Rant 4: Reprisal Has A Problem With Some Dude At Wendy's
3 January 24th 2005 Rant 3: Various Topics (Idiots at his Job, People Who Complain about the U.S. Gov, and of course the French)
2 January 21 2005 Rant 2: Napolean Dynamite Sucks Ass
1 November 3rd 2004 Rant 1: MMOs Are Huge Ripoffs

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