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Rizing from the Ashes - Rebuilding my Gaming Machine (and my life)

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     These are pictures of the computer I built over winter break in 2007-2008 (I built it in January 2008) to replace my nForce 4 Ultra / OC'ed Opteron165 system that died in October of 2007. If you want to see the details on all the parts brought over from that last system, refer to the page showcasing that system by using this link. Thinking about building a Core i7 system in the summer. I've already built a system like that for a co-worker. Such a system includes a motherboard with an Intel X58 chipset (which supports both Crossfire and SLI), a Core i7 920 CPU at 2.66GHz (easily overclockable to 3.0Ghz), and 6GB (3x 2GB DIMMs) of triple-channel RAM. That reminds me, I need to upload pictures of the system I built for my co-worker.

Computer Specs:

  • CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (65nm Conroe) at 2.66 GHz. I wanted a 45nm Penryn ("Wolfsdale") C2D at 3.0+ GHz with the Hafnium K-Gate but it was just out of my price range at the time.

  • Memory - 4x 1024MB DDR2-800 (PC6400) RAM (4096 MB / 4GB total) - Corsair XMS2 DIMMs, running in Dual-Channel mode. 4-4-4-12 timings (timings had to be raised to 5-5-5-15 in order to use 4 DIMMs).

  • Graphics Card - nVidia GeForce 8800GT AKIMBO Superclocked with 512MB of video RAM, factory overclocked to 720 MHz GPU and 2000 MHz vRAM, PCI-Express 2.0. This card's GPU is actually clocked faster than a GeForce 9800 GTX!!! Using eVGA's Precision software, I can easily overclock this board even higher, especially with that HUGE AKIMBO heatsink. I also have full control over the fan speed with this program. These G92-core 8800GTs really get the job done, although I do wish I had waited a little longer and had bought an ATI Radeon 4870 instead.

  • Monitor - Samsung 2232BW+ 22" widescreen LCD monitor (2ms TN panel), ESA 19-inch flat-screen CRT. For a while I dual-screened with both monitors, but the CRT's image quality has degraded significantly due to its age. All of the advantages of using a CRT over an LCD are negated when the tubes start to die out. I will dual-screen again when I get an awesome Samsung 120Hz monitor, like the 2233RZ.

  • Motherboard - ASUS P5E (Intel X38 chipset). Plenty of good BIOS options, environmentally-friendly design (which I don't give a crap about but it saves us money on the electicity bill), and performs at least as well as an nForce 680i chipset. I do miss those nForces though.

  • Sound card - Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi with 64MB of sound X-RAM. Yeah, I finally realized my dream and got one of these cards. The performance gains I get in gaming from using this sound card are pretty significant (not to mention the vastly superior sound quality). Glad I finally stepped up from the Audigy 1.

  • Speakers - Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 THX-certified speakers. Same speakers I used with my last system.

  • Hard Drive(s) - Seagate Barracuda 400GB (SATA-II with NCQ, 7200rpm, 16MB cache), Samsung SpinPoint T series 500GB (SATA-II with NCQ, 7200rpm, 16MB cache). The Barracuda was used in my last system.

  • DVD Drives - NEC DVD+-RW 8x burner (model ND-2500A), NEC DVD+-RW dual-layer 16x burner (model 3550A), both brought over from my last system.

  • Power Supply - 550-watt Cooler Master Real Power (model RS-550-ACLY). This was the PSU I used in my last system, and I also got a new 900-watt APC UPS because the battery failed on my last one, and I didn't care to replace it. The blue LEDs on the PSU fan no longer work, and I'm not always sure if the fan is spinning, so I hope this thing doesn't die on me. It's lasted a good long while though. I've got plenty of excellent replacement options if this thing is on its last legs.

  • Mouse / Pads - Logitech G5 Lazer Gaming Mouse (version 2), RatPadz GS (Gaming Surface) mousepad, fUnc Archetype 1030 dual-sided gaming mousepad. I listed the RatPadz but I don't use it anymore.

  • Keyboard - Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. Same keyboard I used in my last system. The damn LCD screen, which I made very good use of, no longer works. First the backlight went out after the 1-year warranty expired, and then the entire screen itself stopped working a few months after that. Glad they finally put it back on the market (cuz the orange-backlit newer G15 was not my thing), but too expensive for me to replace. Wish I could get that G19 keyboard coming out in Spring 2009 (with the full-color OLED screen), but it costs like $200 and it needs its own power brick!!!

  • Controllers - Saitek P2500 controller, Xbox360 controller, and 2 super-rare official Sega Saturn controllers for the PC. I managed to find 4 of those things on eBay. I gave two to my brother and I kept two. Took me years to find them (now if only I could find the Sega Saturn PS2 controllers, which are even rarer).

  • Case / Mods - Thermaltake Tsunami Dream. Case mods include acrylic side window, clear 120mm blue-LED exhaust fan, four 12-inch UV Blacklights, UV-sensitive IDE and SATA cables (I used to have an IDE cable that glowed in the dark, but I put it in my Linux system), applique. The new ASUS P5E motherboard does NOT have UV-reactive slots and brackets like my last motherboard did. That sucks. In any case, all of the lights and cables, as well as the case itself, were used for my last system.

  • OS - Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

As with the last few picture galleries, the viewing of these pics was meant for the Firefox web browser, so I hope you guys are using it. When you first click on the pics, it shows the larger versions scaled down to fit onscreen (if your monitor resolution is lower than these pictures), and then you can click on this larger version to zoom in and see it at full size.

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