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These pics are not filed into any specific category. Just plain crazy, iz all.

Better get ready. This is the only normal pic of me here, so brace yo'self.

(January 24th 2005)

Chris rockin' da robe. All he needs iz a pipe.

(January 24th 2005)

Christmas 2004 (notice what happens to peepz who wake up too damn early):

Still asleep...

He's starting to come around...or not

Holy Sh*t. . . Guess that's gonna be decaf for my ass next time. Good thing I didn't have any Bawls Guarana around.

Uh huuhhh...


Forced to try on his jacket when he's still incoherent


"I hear voices...over my left shoulder..." Okay mom. Aiight.

Damn and I thought my ass was weird as hell...(Me wid momma and tha sis)


Better than a Rabbit. Better than Riddick. It's...Rabbick?

Tha thing is, is the rabbit afraid of the dark? Or is tha dark...afraid of him?

Created January 5 2005. Last Updated on May 14th 2005.
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