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Kickass Quotes - Hilarious Quotes From Various Sources
(This page has not been updated in years. I forgot it was on this site.)

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Kickass Quotes

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  1. "Oh my god! Are you getting wood?!?!?!"

    - Jay when he unexpectedly found Dave behind him grabbing him in a pre-suplex hold. The look of fright and horror on his face was priceless, or so I am told. Wish I had been there to see it.

  2. "It's cuz no one loves you."

    - Chris said this when me him Kirk and Dave were chilling in the car. Kirk was talking about how his dad ate his sandwich because, like his dad said, "Oh well it was in my fridge." I was telling a similar story about how my family eats my food, and Chris said matter-of-factly the quote above. Apparently this one killed Dave and Kirk, and they can never let it go. It has become my new nickname. It's d*mn annoying.

  3. "On the floor, where you belong!"

  4. - Said by me, and now everyone uses it. This is not a direct quote, and I don't remember how it happened, but for some reason this simple thing I said to Jay has escalated and become this big thing where now we all feel Jay's proper place is on the floor, no matter where we are or what we are doing. In a restuarant, chillin' at someone's house, whatever. We always talk sh*t about knocking his food on the floor and making him sleep on the floor because that's where be belongs. It also got a little racist at one point because someone said Jay belongs on the floor cuz that's where all Filipinos belong. That wasn't cool, but people still thought it was damn funny.

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