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Picture Galleries (Broadband warning - you bettah be rockin' the Cable, DSL, T lines, FiOS or faster):

  • Rizing from the Ashez - Rebuilding my Gaming PC (and my life): These are a few shots I took of when I was building a new system foundation to rebuild my gaming PC that died last October (right after LANParty 16).

  • Xbox360 LANParty / 24th Birthday Party Pics - I celebrated my 24th berfday 2 days later with an Xbox360 LANParty. Professional chef Adam Wrast himself was on-hand to provide us with delicious BBQ meals, and he made a damn good berfday cake. I probably won't get another chance to do something like this again. It was also alot of trouble. It kicked ass though.

  • Chris' Triple Monitor Setup - These are a few quick pics I took of Chris' desk setup before he moved out. He had his laptop on his desk between the two monitors used for his main PC. I took pics of this so my homeys could see it after Chris rolled out. The setup was weird cuz it caused Chris to get confused by the laptop screen when moving objects between the two desktop screens.

  • Building Ed Reedy's PC - Throughout the summer of 2007, I researched computer parts for a new system I was going to build for Kyle's dad Ed. On August 14th 2007 I finally did so. Kirk helped out so we could get the system built faster, cuz we did not have alot of time. Check out pics from the build here.

  • DrezKill's New NB Fan - The stock heatsink/fan for my motherboard's northbridge chip was dying, so I replaced it with the awesome Evercool VC-RE all-copper heatsink / LED fan. My NB temps dropped by around 10 degrees Celsius. These are pictures of the new cooler and the installation process (which was a b*tch cuz I had to disconnect everything inside my PC and remove the entire motherboard).

  • Kirk's BBQ for Dave's Berfday - Kirk hosted a BBQ at his house for Dave's 24th berfday on the 23rd of June, 2007. Kirk did most of the cooking, and I did the rest. Homeys up in there chillin' with some meat on the grille and some beer all around. Near-classic gaming on the Dreamcast and N64, and a little Ping Pong tournament as well. I think most of these pictures were taken by Kirk or the self-timer on his camera. Most of the time was spent out on the deck chillin' and eatin'.

  • Chris' Graduation Pics - These are pictures I took when I attended Chris' High School Graduation and Commencement. This was on the 5th of June 2007, the same day I found out my motherboard northbridge fan was dying (and had been dying for the past several weeks). Jay and Eric came as well.

  • Chris' PC, Spring Break, and the Linux Box - these are some pics of Chris' Spring Break trip to Washington state to check out the school he will be attending in the fall of 2007, as well as pics of his computer and our Linux box. Chris will be attending the number one school for video game design, programming and development: the DigiPen Institute of Technology. He's not majoring in game design though, he's majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (programming and working with hardware). Yeah you guessed it - that means working with video game console hardware and high-end PC hardware, at the engineering level (as well as low-level programming).

  • Dan's New Gaming Monstrosity - Dan finally got rid of his laptop and got a true gaming PC. I've only got two things to say about this monstrosity: GeForce 8 and DirectX 10. The GeForce 8800 GTS is just about the only remarkable thing about this computer, but that's what counts the most. I've got some pics from the night Kirk and I built the thing (and sometime later when I went back to do more work on it). Check deze out homez.

  • Dave's Nintendo Wii - Dave and John Owen finally got Nintendo Wiis. These are some quick shots I took when Dave brought his Wii over the day he got it. Man, I still hate that name, the "Wii." I would have preferred they used the system's codename over this, the Nintendo "Revolution."

  • Christmas 2006 - These are pictures from Christmas Day 2006, as well as some other pictures from the holidays.

  • Kirk Gets the Opteron 165 - Kirk finally upgraded to a dual-core processor. He actually ended up getting the same processor Kyle and I have. He also got some new RAM and a new monitor. Check out some pics of all this crap.

  • Kyle's Kickass New Gaming PC - About a month after I built my PC, I helped Kyle build a PC with pretty much the exact same specs (and parts) as mine, and while we were doing that we also built his girlfriend a new PC as well.

  • New Gaming PC - Finally built my new kickass gaming PC! Built it overnight from June 2 to June 3. Some quick specs: AMD Opteron165 (64-bit and dual-core, OC'ed by 600 MHz!), GeForce 7900GT with 256MB vRAM (OC'ed by 50 MHz), 2GB Corsair XMS RAM (TwinX for dual-channel), DFI LANParty NF4 Ultra-D motherboard (for overclocking, and it uses the nForce4 Ultra chipset), 400GB SATA-II HDD (with NCQ), all in a beautiful Thermaltake Tsumami Dream case with all the fancy blacklights, UV-reactive cables and other such things that I'm known for.

  • DrezKill's Portfolio Page - this is a page I made for the class I took during the Fall 2006 semester, IS195: Building Game Worlds - Level Designing and Modding. I hope to turn this into my real portfolio page at some time. As it is now, this page was made to fulfill an assignment.

  • LANParty XVI - October 19-21 2007: The LANParty that was my computer's last hurrah.

  • LANParty XV - May 14-17 2007: Another LANParty to kick off the summer. Not enough people showed up, and those that did didn't stay very long. It was mainly me Kirk and Kyle. We got some R6: Vegas in, along with CnC3 and some other RTSes. We were back in Kirk's house, which turns out to be the only decent place left to have a LAN.

  • LANParty XIV - January 6-8 2007: Yeah it was time for our winter vacation LANParty. This time we were back at Jay's house. Check out the pics, and read about what went down during this LANParty. Overall a good three days, and tons of fun. Less people, more gameplaying. Oh yeah, and Adam made us his famous ice-cream! Kickass! Awesome! Alright! Yeah! Cool! Sweet! Adjectives!

  • LANParty XIII - November 24-26 2006: Back in the summer we found out Kirk's parents would be out of town immediately following Thanksgiving Day, so we set a LANParty for that weekend. These are some pics from that weekend. It wasn't the best LANParty ever, but it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. However, we need to get more organized, minimize downtime, and make downtime more productive. That means NO WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!! We had a few new games to rock, such as Company of Heroes. That game, as well as Quake III and Call of Duty 2, were the standout games for this LANParty. Kyle and Kirk are starting to get annoying with not wanting to play the games the rest of us want to play, games we always need to play at LANParties. Also, Marco showed up with his iMac and I don't think this whole thing worked out for him as well as he wanted it to. Glad to have Adam and especially Dave back. Dave missed the last few LANParties. It's been slightly over a year since we had that first LAN at Kirk's house (LANParty 9), and it was good to be back in his cozy, no-smoking basement. Jay no longer has a girlfriend, so she would no longer be a problem even if we had the LAN at his house. Overall solid fun and a pretty good weekend. I just we spent more time playing each game than we actually did.

  • LANParty 12 - August 4-6 2006: H*llz yeah another kickass LANParty! We didn't rock any of our usual games cuz we had a bunch of new games and old classics to try. We hit alot of RTSes such StarCraft, WarCraft III, and Rome: Total War (or at least, we tried to do RomeTW but ran into some problems). We also rocked Quake IV thanks to the new patch and new interest the its multiplayer experience, and for the first time Prey represented with crazy level design at a LANParty. Highlights of this LANParty included no Cat (Thank You Jesus and God Almighty), no World of Warcraft (due to the absence of Internet acess), less downtime and productive downtime, Jay actually being present for the whole thing, a surprise hit that became the game of this LAN (Rainbow Six: Raven Shield), and Kyle representin' with his new gaming monster (which made both of us the ones with the most powerful computers at this LANParty). The best LANParty since 9, and even better than 9. Sucks for all those that missed it. Work takes a backseat, and you all know it. Well, at least we wish it would.

  • LANParty 11 - June 3-4 2006: This was the first LANParty that I had a new kickass PC. In fact, I had the most powerful computer there, by far! I actually spent the first night of this LAN at home building the computer, so I missed that night. Computer gets built overnight, and first thing it gets used for is gaming at a LANParty. But hey, that's what it was built for - kickass gaming.

  • LANParty 10 - January 13 2006: I was not actually at this LAN, so I dunno what went down. But Adam took some pics, and a few of these are pics of the guys ragging on me and Dave and flipping us off (towards the camera) cuz we didn't show up. Bastards.

  • LANParty 9 - October 28-29 2005: This was a short LANParty, but it was also the best one we've had since the first one. This also marks the first time we've done one in Kirk's house. More gameplay time, less wasted time, and more organization. There were only 4 of us, but it was kickass. New games we rocked included FEAR, Serious Sam II, and Call of Duty 2. Too bad Chris missed the whole second day thanks to a misunderstanding. Kirk's house is an ideal location because it's cozy, comfortable, warm, and best of all, there is no smoking and no Cat (Jay's girlfriend)!!!

  • LANParty 8 - August 12-14 2005: We pulled this one out of our asses. Kirk missed out because his ass was in Hawaii, but we decided to have one more LANParty before Eric went back home to Vegas. It was pretty cool, but once again Jay's drunk-ass girlfriend had to ruin shit at the end. Jay was also non-existent for this one. We managed to play Guild Wars, which we've always talked about doing, and Kirk was pissed he missed out. What I miss is playing Halo.

  • LANParty 7 (Actual) - June 18-20 2005: We actually got Justin to come to this one. He hasn't been at a LANParty since the first one. Eric was also visiting for the summer, and we had a kickass LAN.

  • LANParty 7 (Failure) - March 18-20 2005: We tried to get a LANParty going, but it failed cuz we only had three people, and Jay's girlfriend f*cked up what we did have going for us. Still, some nice pics were taken, and this was the first LANParty showing for Kirk's new kickass PC.

  • LANParty 6 - June 26-28, 2004 The Best Damn LANParty We've Ever Had (Up to this point)

  • LANParty 2 - Spring Break, March 18-19 2004

  • Winter 2003 LANParty - The First LANParty We Held (December 19-20)

  • My Gaming PC - Now very out-of-date pictures of my old gaming computer. I've been had a new, much more powerful PC since June 2006. And even before that, I was no longer using the motherboard or hard drives pictured in these pics. I upgraded the mobo to an nForce 2 Ultra-400 chipset, and I got a 160GB HDD. There are links to the pics of my new machine farther above, or follow the link when you go into this page.

  • Christmas 2005 - Pictures of my family's (me and my bro really) antics during the Christmas of 2005.

  • Jay's Artwork - Jay has a unique style the blends everything from Japanese Anime to American comics and cartoons

  • Dave's Artwork - Dave's style mostly stems from Western comics but also there's a bit of Anime flavah in there

  • Jeff's Artwork - Jeff's style centers around both a mythological and cartoonish feel. He can rock Anime when he wants to though.

  • Ninja-aaahhh!!!! (Pics of me making a fool outta myself pretending to be a Ninja, or something)

  • Cars - [DISCONTINUED PAGE AS OF 2005] Kickass Performance Vehicles, Owned and Operated by Dawgz I Know

  • Random Pics - Random Miscellaneous Pictures

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