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These Are The Ones Responsible For This Site And/Or Its Content:

Cliff "Dr3zKi11" Ferguson II - Owner and Creator. Born to play and create video games 'till I die, and to build kickass gaming PCs. FPSers and action/adventure/platformers are my bread and buttah, but I'll rock anything. (First system was an Atari 2600, got into gaming cuz of the GameBoy / NES). (Email:
DrezKill hardcore MUG SHOT Opteron Power

Jay "AR53N1C" Payne - Artwork Contributor, Feedback, and Additional Content. Used to be a general gamer until WoW took over his life. He's really big into comics and artwork. Like David, he considers himself a true comic artist. (Email:
Jay 1 Jay 2 Jay Sleeping

David "HeavensRedSun" Dean (Also "D1545T4P13C3TerA," "An4lB0mb," or just "RedSun") - Artwork Contributor, Feedback, and Additional Content. He likes to roll with PC and every console, and plays more games than he can possibly manage at one time. Really big into comics and artwork. He's an artist down to the core. (Email:
(NOTE: He no longer rocks the dreadz. That was a few years ago.)
Dave Eating Dave 1 Dave 2 Dave 3

Kirk "Reprisal" Solomon (also "ViciousReprisal" or "Durandal") - The Angry Red Man Who Always has Something to B*tch About. Responsible for Additional Content. He's a PC gamer who spent a few years focusing on WoW and is now back to playing other games again. WoW never had the same hold on him that it had (and still has) on Jay. Like me, he's really big into building awesome gaming PCs. (Email:
New Kirk 1 New Kirk 2 Kirk Angry 1 Kirk Angry 2

Christopher "0r1ng0" Ferguson (also "Killah," "Dragnarok" and "PhantomSirus") - Added to this page against his will. Provides constructive criticism and makes fun of us. Born and raised into gaming, just like myself. His specialty is super-hard and frustrating games. He craves the challenge. Also loves RPGs, but he'll play anything that's good. (Email:
(NOTE: Oringo means "He Who Likes the Hunt." Don't ask...)
funny face chris younger chris 1 younger chris 2 younger chris 3

Javier "Xavi" Julio - Professional Web Designer I went to skool with. He's a longtime friend that I lost contact with for quite a few years (we went to different schools after 8th grade, and for the first half of college). He designed the banner for this site. He gives me advice on web design and web technology. He used to work for Bethesda Interactive Solutions (formerly Bethesda Hosting), but he got a big important web design job and moved to Manhattan. Check out his own website, What kind of games does he like? RPGs and who knows what else. I'm still trying to figure out, but I guess he plays anything. He'll rock any and every genre. Big FF fan. He's a casual gamer though, so he's not exactly on the same page as us real gamers. We usually clash since I'm a jaded old-school hardcore gamer who has no respect or tolerance for the mainstream mass-market, casual gamers (except Xavi), and young'uns who didn't start out on the old systems like the rest of us did. Xavi's favorite systems are the Wii, DS, and PSP. He loved his PS2 and GCN as well, and will probably get a PS3 because of FFXIII. (Email:
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