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LANParty 9 (October 28-29 2005)

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This was a short LANParty, but it was also the best one we've had since the first one. This also marks the first time we've done one in Kirk's house. More gameplay time, less wasted time, and more organization. There were only 4 of us, but it was kickass. New games we rocked included FEAR, Serious Sam II, and Call of Duty 2. Too bad Chris missed the whole second day thanks to a misunderstanding. Kirk's house is an ideal location because it's cozy, comfortable, warm, and best of all, there is no smoking and no Cat (Jay's girlfriend)!!! What I like is how, since the cable modem is in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor, we decided to use a 100-ft Ethernet cord coming from the cable modem, across the master bedroom, into the bathroom, out the window, down the back of the house, and all the way to the basement where the router was! We had actually borrowed my dad's 8-port switch (leaving half of the PCs in my house without a network connection) but then realized we didn't need it, cuz we could move the router downstairs. In recent LANs at Jay's house, we bring the cable modem and the router downstairs. Some of the PCs have wireless connections, and the wireless cards don't get good reception down in Jay's basement (when trying to reach the router if it's upstairs). To bring the cable modem downstairs, we use a 100-ft coax cable! You can bet Jay's momma don't like that shiznit coming down the hall through her house!

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