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LANParty 7 Failure (March 18-20 2005)

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We tried to get a LANParty going, but it failed cuz we only had three people (Chris left after 1 day and was not able to come back), and Jay's girlfriend f*cked up what we did have going for us. Kept interrupting our gaming, disturbing us while we were sleeping, and she kept pulling Jay away from the LAN, which sucked cuz then when my bro was gone we only had two people, me and Kirk. Still, some nice pics were taken, and this was the first LANParty showing for Kirk's new kickass PC. It was also the first LANParty we got Far Cry to work over LAN - new patches and all that. We also tried to get StarCraft going, but no luck - the Brood War expansion would not let us install spawn copies of the game on other PCs (ah yes the good old days - remember when you only had to have one copy of the game in order to play over LAN?). In conclusion, this was a waste of three days, but it caused us to establish one hard rule, one that we are still having trouble enforcing: no Cat at LANParties! Not even for a few minutes! Kinda hard to enforce that rule, when her boyfriend is the one whose house we are in. He doesn't know though how bad it is for the rest of us, when we are trying to play some games and be immersed in the experience, and she comes down in here turning the TV on and running her damn mouth and bitching about shit. She ruins the experience, she's more f*cking annoying than all the damn smokers. Well, what can you do, huh? Not have LANParties at Jay's house, that's what. Unfortunately, that is not usually an option. Too bad my basement is full of stuff. Otherwise we would have more LANs at my house. Kirk's house we save for when his parents are out of town, but that only happened once so far. Kyle's house is too damn far away, in Olney MD, and his family is not too crazy about the idea of what a LANParty is. His stepmom or his sister would murder us. Ah well. Still, I know his dad would be all up in there wid us, fraggin' and crackin' some mean headshots!

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