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LANParty 7 (June 18-20 2005)

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We actually got Justin to come to this one. He hasn't been at a LANParty since the first one. Eric was also visiting for the summer, and we had a kickass LAN. BTW, Justin works at Microsoft in Seattle, WA as a programmer working on the Recycle Bin, Search and media organization functions of Windows Vista (the next version of the Windows Operating System, due out in 2007). Which is understandably why it's hard to get him to come to a LANParty. And before that, he was 5 hours away at Virgina Tech. He used his dad's PC which was in an open full-tower case. He had to keep it open just to stop it from overheating! I dunno what kinda of stuff he had in that PC, but I think the vidcard was a GeForce 3. Wesley also randomly showed up, cuz he was bored, though he doesnt care for computers or these kinds of things. During packup after the LANParty was over, we kinda just sat around and watched Er1c play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. My brother and I decided to bring our stuff in the Windstar, cuz transporting fragile and expensive computers is much safer in a minivan than in a Mustang with a tight-ass suspension. We had problems with network IP conflicts even though the switch was connected to a router, so Justin had to assign all of our computers unique IP addresses so we wouldn't get anymore collisions. I like how we just dump the 8-port switch in the middle of the floor and have Ethernet cords running all over the damn place, radiating out in every direction from the switch. Geek-ghetto.

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