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LANParty 6 - Summer 2004 (June 26-28):

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3 Days, 7 Computers, 3 Consoles, and Tons of Games. Best Weekend Ever. We rocked everything from Quake III to Far Cry. AvP2, Halo (on PC of course), CoD, Unreal Tournament 2004, Super Smash Bros. Melee, various PS2 and XBox games, and more shiznit. Beer and Bawls, Pizza, various other food items. And of course, no girls (damnit!). Apparently, dawgz can't have no hot geek girlfriends. That's why I keep thuggin' it, knawmean?

Gamer's Delight Special (and no, CoD was NOT the only game we played):
  1. Yep, Back In Jay's Basement, As Usual

  2. Kirk's PC is here, but he's at work

  3. Dan "Dan-o-Mac" was there to represent Colombia

  4. Dave's Asleep - Spent Tha Nights at Jay's

  5. The other gaming area. There you see two PlayStation 2's. Xbox and GCN obscured from view.

  6. Dave's Sleeping Area: Sofa Cushions On Tha Floor

  7. I don't remember why Jay has this expression

  8. Rousing David from Bed

  9. WTF?!?!?!

  10. Er1c was visiting from Las Vegas, representin' with tha mad gaming skillz - Quake III is his thang

  11. David rocks Quake III Arena on the Alienware

  12. Er1c Rocks Quake III on Kirk's PC (Athlon Thunderbird 1400MHz, GeForce4MX GPU)

  13. Kyle's friend Wesley dropped by tah game on his own laptop

  14. Jay games on his secondary PC. He's always kind enough to let others use the Alienware.

  15. Finally Kyle brings his own PC to a LANParty - and he brought the WHOLE thing, including the Klipsch Promedia 5.1 speaker system (500watts). System is an Athlon XP 2000+ (I think) and a Radeon 9700 Pro, all on an nForce2 Ultra 400 board.

  16. Dan Rocks tha PlayStation 2 (he's not much of a PC gamer)

  17. Jeff likes to make funny faces, as usual

  18. Jeff in the Hizzoouussee!!!!!!!!!

  19. 'Sup

  20. Mandatory Picture of Me Keepin' It Real. But why am I under the PS2 table?

  21. Why is there another shot of Dave's messy sleep area?

  22. Jeff and his mean face (WTH?)

  23. Ah, a mess of surge protectors and Ethernet cables. You can see the switch on the right of the bottom picture. We rock both routers and switches.

  24. Kyle manhandles Wes cuz Wes was frontin'

  25. HA HA the flash screwed Dave!

  26. Jay Rocks one of the Predator's Vision Modes. Usually David is our sole Predator. This time him and Jay teamed up to screw over the rest of us Marines. They raped and pillaged. I miss not playing as an Alien.

  27. Both of these pics are the same. Top is natural lighting, bottom is with tha flash

  28. Marine's Night Vision in AvP2

  29. Kyle passed out from the beer. Lightweight! (Naw just kidding. My bad Kyle.) Isn't it freaky how he sleeps with his damn eyes open?

  30. "Yeah!"

  31. "ALLRIIIIGHT!" Heh heh heh that Jeff.

  32. WTF Jeff?!?!?!?!

  33. Er1c is trying to stay awake. He needs more Bawls. Too bad there wasn't any.

  34. HA HA HA that's my foot in Kyle's face. Word to tha wise: Don't fall asleep or pass out at a friend's house.

  35. Too much Honey Brown for Kyle

  36. Jeff takes advantage of Kyle by putting his finger in Kyle's ear. Kyle's *ss should not have passed out.

  37. WTF?! What's that stain on the sofa in front of Kyle's face? Why is Jeff pulling his pants up?! AW MAN! That's just wrong. It's not even funny. That's just really damn wrong.

  38. HAHA naw man that's just some spilled beer, and an opportunity for a trifling camera moment. Once again, do not fall asleep or pass out at a friend's house, especially when dawgz been drinkin'.

  39. Is Jeff stealing Kyle's wallet, or just another wrong camera shot?

  40. Kyle finally get's some rest. Or does he?

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