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LANParty 2 - Spring 2004 (March 18th and 19th):

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Mah D4wgZ

  Jay's Basement is our main LANning spot, because he has the room and his momma don't care what kind of a ruckus we make. She can't really hear us in the basement anyways. My cousin Victor was also visiting, so he came along. NOTE: these shots feature my old PC, case, and monitor (PC was an Athlon XP 1900+ on a VIA KT333 chipset, with 1GB DDR333 RAM, a Radeon 9500 Pro GPU and a Soundblaster Audigy sound card. The latter two items I still use. Monitor was a KDS Visual Sensations 19-incher).

Feast Yo' Eyez on Deez (none of deez pics be in order - well, they be in alphabetical order according to caption, but that's not intentional):

  1. 12 Pack Case O' Bawls

  2. A Shot of Team 1

  3. Adam and Dave Get In Tha Game

  4. Adam Has Been Properly ReFueled by BAWLS

  5. Adam in Deep Concentration

  6. Adam Looks Happy

  7. Adam ReFuels

  8. Adam Singin' 1 (so annoying - and oh what a funny face!)

  9. Adam Singin' 2 (I mean, he's good, but c'mon we're playing here)

  10. Adam Takes a Breather Wid Some Bawls

  11. Adam's in da game, but Dave has to wait for mo' loadin'

  12. Alienware Overlooks, Bawls Up In Here

  13. Alienware with tha Transport Harness (Bondage Clothes, as Jay refers to it)

  14. All the LAN freaks (I'm barely in dis pic)

  15. BAWLS All Around Mah Area

  16. BAWLS Case and LANParty Mobo (in the background)

  17. Bawls Everywhere

  18. BAWLS wid mah PC

  19. BAWLS is Some Pow'ful Stuff, Sho'Nuff

  20. BAWLS on tha Desktop, Bawls on tha Desk

  21. Chillin', Watchin' TV and Eatin' Some Pizza N Chips wid da Dip

  22. CoD Deathmatch

  23. Dangit Jeff, Quit Playin' Wid Mah Camera!

  24. Dave Up In Dis, BIATCH!

  25. Dave Doesn't Want His PC Taken While Eating ("WTF You Doing, B*tch?!")

  26. Dave Knows He's Da Man When It Comes to CoD

  27. Dave on CoD

  28. Dave Rocks UT2K4 Befo' Tha LAN Officially Startz

  29. Dave Rockin' Dat Alienware

  30. Dave Seems Excited While the Next Map Loads

  31. David Covers Adam in 2nd Match

  32. David Covers the Doorway in a CoD Team Match

  33. David gets stuck with Adam's Laptop

  34. David on his Cell, chillin' wid da Alienware

  35. David ReFuels

  36. David's Random Grotesque Face

  37. Everyone ReFuels with Bawls after the first match ended in a crazy tie

  38. I run my PC Open-System

  39. Installing CoD on my PC

  40. Jay and Vic Converse 1

  41. Jay and Vic Converse 2

  42. Jay and Vic Converse 3

  43. Jay and Vic, Having a Good Time Before the LAN Kicks Off

  44. Jay Checks Out a Death Match

  45. Jay Checks out Team 1 During Second Match

  46. Jay Closely Follows Team 1 in another match

  47. Jay Closely Watches Team 2

  48. Jay Jacks Adam's Laptop into the Network

  49. Jay Kicks Back and Watches Some TV

  50. Jay Looks Over his PIV GF3 PC Parts, wishing the PC was up and running

  51. Jay Makes Sure to Check Out Both Teams

  52. Jay Never Looks at the Camera

  53. Jay Opens Daves Bawls Bottle for Him (Cuz He's Too Weak! OOHHH!! BBUURRNN!!!)

  54. Jay Oversees Team 1's Performance

  55. Jay, Jeff and Vic Watchin' Tha Tube

  56. Jay's the Host

  57. Jeff and Adam Singin' (and pissing people off)

  58. Jeff and Adam Still Singin' (and about tah get jumped, knawmean?)

  59. Jeff and Adam take Breaks to Sing (and piss the rest of us off)

  60. Jeff and Adam's Guitars (Now's our chance to break 'em!)

  61. Jeff Checks His Rampage

  62. Jeff has the Hallway Covered

  63. Jeff is Smokin' (literally)

  64. Jeff on a Rampage in CoD Team Match 2

  65. Jeff on CoD

  66. Jeff Messin' Wid Mah Camera

  67. Jeff Relaxin'

  68. Jeff Rocks Back and takes a Drag

  69. Jeff Rocks Call of Duty on the Athlon XP 2600+ (NFII Ultra B mobo)

  70. Jeff Singin' (DAMNIT! Stop with tha singin' already! DAMN!)

  71. Jeff Watches His Back

  72. Kirk doesn't like Pics Taken of Him

  73. Kirk showed up for a bit, but missed the LAN

  74. Kyle and Vic Take Part in a Deathmatch

  75. Kyle Focuses, Jay gets Vic set up

  76. Kyle Gets His Turn on the Alienware

  77. Kyle Picks His Weapons

  78. Kyle ReFuels

  79. Kyle Rocks Call of Duty on Adam's Laptop

  80. Kyle Rocks My PC, Jeff has some trouble on his

  81. Kyle Waits Around Before LAN Kicks Off

  82. Kyle Watches Himself Die!

  83. Kyle Watches his Team's Back

  84. Lotsa Bawls Around My PC

  85. Match 3, Kyle Snipes for his Team

  86. More Deathmatching

  87. My Case's Innards

  88. Now Adam gets to Rock da Alienware

  89. Pizza and Chips wid da Dip

  90. Still Installing CoD on my PC

  91. Team 1 - Dave and Adam

  92. Team 1 Back At It

  93. Team 1 covers each other

  94. Team 2 - Jeff and Kyle

  95. Team 2 Enjoys the Chill Time after Winning da first Team Match 1

  96. Team 2 Gets Into It

  97. Th4 B1g D4wg Rocks his Bawls

  98. Tha Two Teams Face Off

  99. The Alienware and Adam's Laptop

  100. The Front of my Case

  101. The LAN Set Up (we're short many computers)

  102. The Motherboard Box Cover Tells Tha Truth

  103. The Parts for the PentiumIV GeForce3 PC

  104. The Two Teams Are Still At It

  105. Things Are Going Well for Team 2

  106. Three Bawls

  107. Two Bawls

  108. Two KickAss Niggaz

  109. Ugh, Something Tastes Wrong

  110. UT2K4 Special Edition Box Hangs Around the LAN

  111. Vic checks out the Action While He Waits

  112. s

  113. Vic Chillin' Before tha LAN Kicks Off

  114. Vic Chills While the Teams Fight

  115. Vic Enjoying Some Refreshments

  116. Vic Gets His Game On

  117. Vic in the Hahyooooos

  118. Vic is Bored I Think

  119. Vic is either bored, or interested in what he's watching

  120. Vic Rocks Call of Duty

  121. Vic Waits for His Turn on the PCs

  122. We went through two cases of BAWLS

  123. Yeah, Dat's Right

  124. Yeah Dawg, Pizza Time!

  125. You may have noticed all of these shots are of the guys playing Call of Duty. No it's not the only game we played, and yes we play it too d*mn much. That's why my *ss is not playing, and I have time to take these pictures.

Created January 5 2005. Last Updated on May 14th 2005.
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