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Winter 2003 LAN Party - An Experiment in PC Multiplayer

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These pics be from dah first LAN Party we held, in Winter 2003.
(There was no heat in the house and we were freezing our ballz off.)

Gamer's Delight Special (and no, CoD was NOT the only game we played):

  1. Dave and Kirk on Call of Duty

  2. Dave on the Roof

  3. Dave up in Here

  4. Justin on his GeForce3 (the dual-AMD Athlon 2000+s with the GeForce4 Ti4600 was left at VT)

  5. Justin 0wnz

  6. Justin Rocks Call of Duty on Chris' nForce2 mobo

  7. Kirk getting his LAN on

  8. Kirk Kills (He's da Red Dread)

  9. Kirk's Side of the LAN Area

  10. Kyle Rocks CoD on the GF3

  11. Kyle on CoD

  12. Hardcore LANners (what freaks)

  13. Everyone takes a break but Chris still heeds the Call

  14. Still on Break

  15. I Sat Out This Round

  16. Discussing Call of Duty Strategies

  17. Dave, Justin and I Sit Out

  18. Break Time while Kirk Restarts his PC

  19. Chris Hunts on the Outside

  20. Chris Still on CoD

  21. There's Fear in Dem Eyes...

  22. After the Chaos - My Area

  23. Packing Up - Justin's Full Tower Housing the GF3

Created January 5 2005. Last Updated on May 14th 2005.
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