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LANParty XV (May 14 - 17 2007)

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     I'm a few months late in uploading this pictures, so I don't remember all that happened during this LAN. We had some good matches in games like Company of Heroes and Command & Conquer 3, and we even hit up some CoD2. Not enough first-person-shooters were played, but whatever. It was summer and it was time for another LANParty, so we did it. Jay didn't stay as long as he should have, and other people randomly showed up for small amounts of time (like Wes and Matt). For the most part though, it was just me, Kirk and Kyle. We had alot of fun playing Rainbow Six Vegas though. Not all of these pictures were taken by me. Wes claims to be an aspiring professional photographer, so he grabbed my camera and took some shots himself. It'd be cool if people other than me took pics more often, cuz me taking pics means that I'm not in the pics. As usual, my computer was the most powerful, and the best looking, computer there. Kyle's PC has mainly the same specs as mine (and his CPU is overclocked higher as well), but we all know that already. Well, that was the case until I got a better graphics card when eVGA replaced my old faulty one under warranty. So my computer is more powerful, his is faster, but this isn't a contest. Dan was supposed to show up with his GeForce8-powered PC, but of course he didn't show up. He never does, to almost anything. I think that's it, I don't really remember anything else.

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