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LANParty XIV (January 6 - 8 2007)

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     Yeah so it was time for our normal winter vacation LANParty. This time we were back at Jay's house. LANParty 14 worked out pretty well even though we didn't make the changes we were supposed to make after the last LANParty. For example, we didn't make a list of games to play in order. However, people did stay away from World of Warcraft, thank God Almighty. And remarkably, I had no problems with smoking since Kyle would blow his smoke towards my hosue fan which moved it away from my computer. Jay was on the other side of the basement, so his smoke did not affect me. Downtime was fairly productive. We also came to the conclusion that LANParties work best with less people. Four seems to be the new magic number. The more people you have, the more problems you have, such as more differing opinions about what games to play, and more people not having games or the proper patches installed. Basically the only problems we had this time came from people not all wanting to play the same game at the same moment. There were mainly only 4 of us: me, Kirk, Kyle and Jay. At one moment, Jay and I would feel like playing Quake III, Kyle wanted to Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, and Kirk wanted to play Company of Heroes or something else entirely. Those were our main problems. Still, we had alot of fun, especially with Company of Heroes. We accidentally made a new gametype for FEAR where all we did was punch each other, and that turned out to be alot of fun. In this one level, we would meet out in the "schoolyard" or "playground" like kids having a fight after-school, and beat each other to death. Except that one punch is an instant kill. We wished that one punch would not take away all your opponents health, and Kyle looked for a mod that alleviated this problem, but could not find one. What we had really wanted to do was make a match with only remote grenades, but remote grenades are hard to find in each level. We compromised at one point when Kyle didn't feel like playing QIII right then - we played Raven Shield (for a looooong time and has some sick co-op matches) and then went to Quake III. We tried something different for Quake III: we played team deathmatch and CTF. That was an interesting, and extremely fun, experience.

     Probably our best times from this LANParty involved Company of Heroes. Our very last match in this game we played against an extremely difficult computer grouped with easier computer buddies. The map (whose name I forget) involved hedgerows and one central road that was vital to control. Kirk is always armor division and needs the fuel points, and I usually do airborne and I need munitions points for airstrikes and bombing runs. Kyle is infantry, and also needs munitions for airstrikes and shelling. Jay helps out with infantry. This one central road ended up proving impossible to control, especially when the enemy made a wall of AT guns and demolished Kirk's tanks. Then they capped our fuel points so Kirk could not build anymore tanks. We were gonna get rocked, but Kyle and I noticed that Jay had a lot of troops, so we said f*ck it and grouped with him to hit the enemies at their bases. We destroyed one computer's southern base rather easily with bombing runs, off-map shelling and tons of troops. When we took out one of the east bases, handled another one and came upon the hard computer's N/E base. I lost most of my troops, but would paradrop-in more troops and AT guns which I used against enemy buildings. Kirk was getting rocked on the central road, but the computer realized too late their based were destroyed. They had no where to retreat, and no more backup. We mopped up the few stragglers, who could not effectively coordinate an attack with no bases and support, and we won the match. That was freakin' awesome, and one of the most extreme hard-pressed battles we've ever had. Man, none of us thought we were gonna win that one.

     Moving on, we tried some WarCraft III, but I was never good at that game, and the rest of the guys sucked this time around so much we could not even beat the normal computers! We had trouble with easy computers! So we didn't stay there long. Games I would have liked to play but we didn't even touch were Far Cry, Halo (which never gets touched anyways), Prey, Quake IV, UT2K4 (another game that never gets touched, even though I wanted to use the maps I made in my game design class to play on), and Serious Sam I-II: The Second Encounter, which we still have not even beaten. We were gonna play Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries again, but for some reason we never got around to it. We had waited a loooong time for Rainbow Six: Vegas to come out so we could rock it at LANParties, but the damn game has some strict minimum requirements - you need a graphics card that supports Pixel Shader Model 3.0!!! Only Kyle and I could run the game with our GeForce 7900GTs (and we did try co-op Terrorist Mode for a while at the beginning of the LAN when Kirk and Jay were still setting up). Dave can also run the game because he has a GeForce 6800GT.

     We had some good matches in AvP2 with Marines and Aliens (Dave was not here to be Predator). Kirk was left out of the loop with his Radeon X800XL, and likewise Jay with his Radeon 9800XT. Apparently, the team who made the game left the game the exact same was it was on the Xbox360. That means your PC needs to at least match the exact specs of the Xbox360 to run the game. Kyle and I are the only ones with PCs more powerful than every next-gen system. When Dan and Diego showed up, we had some good Call of Duty 2 matches. We also tried a new game, Star Trek Legacy. The game is only ship-to-ship space battles. Simplistic and extremely fun, though the graphics suck, the game was buggy as all hell, and I don't care for Star Trek. We had alot of fun with crazy space battles. We need a modern Star Wars game that's more along the lines of Legacy or even Rogue Squadron, that woud be extreme fun. We had some good StarCraft matches as well. Oh yeah, Adam showed up for Monday Night Raw, and he made us his famous ice-cream (this time it was dark chocolate flavored). The ice-cream is as good as the legends say. This man is not human. He is some otherworldly cooking machine-monster-creature-thing. Awesome.

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