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LANParty XIII (November 24 - 26 2006)

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     Right after Thanksgiving Day we knew Kirk's parents would be out of town, so we planned another LANParty for his house. We had this in the works since right after LANParty 12. Kirk knew ahead of time his parents would be gone. So now the time had come, and starting Friday November 24th we rolled up to Kirk's hosue about noon and proceeded to game until about 5:00 pm Sunday evening. And then it was right back to skool. I'm writing this the Tuesday after, and my body is still trying to recover.

     Once again we had problems with alot of downtime, which was also not good downtime because the guys would screw around and usually jump online to play that crappy LAN-killng game World of Warcraft. I swear if I ever find a way to block that game, I will be on top of that shiznit. Kirk also proved to not be alot of fun, trying to get us to not play certain games like Prey, or when we did play these games he would jump on the server and just f*ck around and screw with people and not actually try to play. This is a dissapointment because Kirk is one of the best players, especially at games like CoD2 (which Jay is the master of). People like Marco and Kyle didn't have alot of game preinstalled which slowed us down, and my bro (who was only there for one day) doesn't have enough space on his HDD. Marco is also not a big gamer. I dunno why he came to this LANParty, he looked like he was done after a few hours but he couldn't leave cuz Jay was his ride. He spent alot of time playing WoW or CS:Source by himself online. Those are his main games anyways. He looked miserable after about a day. It didn't help that his Windows partition on his crappy weak-ass iMac (which has no place at a LAN) didn't have enough space for all the games. And we had to baby him through install because he's not familiar with patching games and using NO-CD/DVD cracks. It was extremely annoying to say the least, but it was cool having more people, and the games he did play he had alot of fun playing (I hope), and we had fun playing with him. I'm glad Adam showed up, and he used Jay's second PC ("Eleanor"). Adam also made us breakfast, since he's an excellent cook (and a chef by profession), and held up his reputation. I'm surprised Jya finally warmed up to a LANParty outside of his house, and not only that, he actually bothered to bring his Alienware! His heavy-ass machine that he never wants to move anywhere. Amazing. I'm glad he did too. The more people and the more computers, the better. We had no problems with Internet access (kinda wish we did when WoW was involved), and the minor networking issues we had we solved pretty quickly. Also glad Dave could make it. Since we told him about it months ago, he got off work for vacation so he could make it.

     We managed to rock alot of games nonetheless. Not really in this order, we played Company of Heroes (which proved to be alot of fun), F.E.A.R. (using F.E.A.R. Combat), Prey (which Kirk didn't really want to play for some reason), Quake III (probably our most intense play session, with me and Jay dominating of course), Quake IV (alot more fun for people like Kyle cuz it's slower and slightly less skill-based, which perfect for pussies), Call of Duty 2 (which was another kickass play session, with me Dave and Jay one team against the rest of the guys - we worked damn well together), Aliens vs Predator 2 (we hadn't played this in a while and I dunno why, cuz once again it was kickass with Dave being the main predator with Adam joining him later, and then rest of us as Marines although I work really well as an Alien too), Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (not really my thing but still fun), and Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. Some of us installed the Iron Wrath expansion and tried to play it, but others could not get it to work, so we resorted to normal Raven Shield. Kirk had the Lockdown expansion, we should have tried to play that as well. Once again, we had to do statc IPs to use R6 over the network (and disconnect Internet access). There were alot more games I wanted to play (and Kirk as well), but only a few of us had them installed and working (Mechwarrior 4 and Starcraft, for instance). Hopefully next time we can keep people off of WoW, and we need to be ready before the LANParty starts, and finally I think we should make a list / schedule of games we are gonna play and stick to the list. Not exactly on a time schedule, but in terms of what games are played next. This way we don't waste time trying to figure out what we are gonna play next, and then waste more time installing it on machines that don't have them installed. When LANParties get bigger, they get more outta hand. But I think Dave Jay and I are the only ones who have the original LANParty spirit intact. Kirk and Kyle's game tastes are deviating too much, and they bitch moan and whine too much when they don't get their war. Oh well. That's white people for yah.

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