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LANParty 11 (June 3-4 2006)

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This was the first LANParty that I had a new kickass PC. In fact, I had the most powerful computer there, by far! I actually spent the first night of this LAN at home building the computer, so I missed that night. Computer gets built overnight, and first thing it gets used for is gaming at a LANParty. But hey, that's what it was built for - kickass gaming (also note, my PC did not yet have the blacklights installed, and I did not have a chance to hide cables out of the way in a neat organized fashion. Had to roll wif tha ghetto setup and put a huge blacklight next to my machine. Also, at this time I did not have the applique applied to my side window). Still, this was a rather boring LANParty. It just wasnt that good. Dave didn't show up, Kyle and Adam were barely there at the same time, Kyle left early, and we didnt even play each game to the fullest extent. Everytime there was any downtime - and there was alot of that, cuz our asses are never organized and there's too much BSing around - people would hit up World of Warcraft and nothing new would get started. And DAMN I cannot stand WoW. I hate MMORPGs in general and I sure hate the fact that all my friends feel the need to play WoW. Finally, I was in a state of disarray cuz I had just literally built my new PC. Windows hadn't been installed for very long, and so as a result I basically had no programs installed. That wasted more time at the LANParty, because usually I'm the one who never uninstalls the games we use for LANs. This time I had a whole host of games, utilities, media stuff and whatever other applications that I needed to install. I missed the first night building the computer, and we spent most of that last day playing Serious Sam II from start to finish (for me and Kirk that was the second time all the way through the game). Yeah shit was annoying, but by the time I was ready to leave it was time to pack up anyways. Props to Dan for making it out to this LANParty, especially since he had just dealt with serious family loss. Hope this LANParty was good for him. He needed to chill with friends. His best friend Diego also made it out there. Dave could not make it, cuz he had to work, and plus he didn't think this was gonna be a good LAN. He was half-right about that. One last good thing: Adam, being a professional chef, decided to make breakfast the 2nd morning (around noon or so when we got up) for me Kyle and Kirk. Now that was awesome. He makes some damn good food. He gave us some, what Jay would call, "a food."

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