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     On June 29th 2006, almost a month after I built my PC, Kyle wanted to surprise his girlfriend (who was out of town at the time) with a new PC, cuz she was looking for one, and her only PC (a laptop) died on her. He asked me to help, cuz he was unfamiliar with all the new technology out these days. He hadn't been keeping up (and he hadn't built a PC in a loooong time). But while we were finding parts for her machine, Kyle got that itchin' feelin'. You know, the one where all of a sudden you want what you are getting for someone else. So he decided he was gonna hook himself up as well. So I pretty much told him to get the same exact stuff I got for my new PC. I said we can skimp on the parts for his girl's machine, cuz she's not a gamer. But for him, there's no room for messing around. Only the best will do. On an affordable level of course. So except for the hard drive (100GB less than mine) and the case, everything else he got is the exact same as what went into my machine. He found a nice place to mount that useless but cool-looking wattage meter that came with the PSU, but he actualy tried to read wattages with it and realized just how crappy it is. He did spend less money on his GeForce 7900GT, and got a better heatsink out of it, but my graphics chip is overclocked. I told him to do the same thing with his, but whatever. He wasn't able to get the awesome CCB1E stepping for his CPU like I did, because he bought it way after mine. But he gets way better CPU temperatures, and can thus overclock his Opteron165 like it was meant to, on stock cooling and voltage no less. He just hasn't done it yet. What really stands out about his PC is the awesome case. Full-tower Thermaltake Armor. All-steel case with useless but cool-looking armor doors on either side of the front. Lots of room, and that probably contributes to better airflow and his lower temperatures. He doesn't have a side fan, but he has a blowhole on the top. His huge side window is cut into three pieces, no doubt for durability on such a large side, but it looks tight. You can still see a ton of crap through them. He's lucky his mobo came with UV-reactive slots and cables, so I sold him one of my extra dual 12-inch blacklight sets. Makes his PC look even sicker. My only problem with the Armor case is that the PSU gets mounted sideways, but no big deal. His family's damn pets were all over the place though, and pet hair is one of the worse things for the health of a computer. Not like we could do much about it though. Kyle's also a smoker, and that's gonna kill his PC as well. Good thing his parents won't let him smoke inside the house (which is why he does it so much at LANParties).

     These pics were taken on the second night, June 30th. We didn't have enough time to finish his girl's PC, and we needed another case fan, so we worked on that the 2nd night after he installed the blacklights I sold him, and after I tried to clean up the inside of the case a little (getting stray cables and crap outta the way for a nice neat look). Notice I took a break to "take a shower," heh (nice private bafroom). Chris came along to basically fool around, wearing Kyle's glasses and sunglasses. He was scoping out the hot tub, trying to get in on some of that, and he kept the pets at bay. Well not really, but eh. You can see from the pics that we made quite a mess in his basement. Speaking of his basement, it would make an awesome spot for a LANParty. Too bad he lives 30-min away in Olney, MD and that his family (ie sister and stepmom) would probably murder us for doing such a thing. Still, I know his dad would be up in there with us, crackin' some mean headshots! We'e almost invited him to a few LANs back in the day. We can understand his family though, cuz the basement is the main family room, gym and his dad's office. But it would be tight to get some LAN action going on and then take break in the jacuzzi (is that how you spell that?). Need some fine honeys for that though. Don't need no sausage-fest up in that shiznit.

     It was a sad sight as Kyle took his old PC off his desk (he gave the monitor to his girlfriend), and placed it on the floor. It'll probably never be used again. I'm surprised it was still working, since the Northbridge fan (which cools the nForce 2 chip) stopped spinning. His mobo should have overheated. Been like that for years, apparently. He didn't even realize it stopped working! I guess that's why he ran it open system. We all know I used to do that, back when I ran a VIA chipset and an AthlonXp 1900+. So in the shots below, the crappy cheap-ass silver case is his girlfriend's PC (which we partitioned the HDD and installed 32-bit WindowsXP on), and the kickass black case is Kyle's PC (also rockin' the 64-bit Windows and also not liking it too much - maybe he really should have bought 32-bit WinXP with SP2 built in). We didn't exactly skimp on his girl's PC. Still Corsair RAM, just not super-fast XMS RAM. Only cheap but reliable ValueSelect series. Only 1GB of course, she doesn't need 2GB. We got her the dual-core Athlon64 X2 3800+ (she doesn't need 2MB of cache) for multi-tasking, and a nice cheap GeForce 7600GT. Good enough for playing the Sims 2! I forget how big the HDD is. Kyle's old silver monitor matched her case better, and he bought himself a new one. Kyle needs to stop rocking those retarded crappy LCDs though. We all know gamers rock CRTs only. And he didn't even get a good 19-incher with some of the nice advancement in LCD monitors. At least he got 8ms response time, thanks to me. His GF's crappy case caused us no end of problems though, and that was his fault, as he picked it out and bought it. We had trouble getting it to run reliably at first, but got around that setback. Still had some problems when it made it to her house, but we slowly worked around it. It wasn't all crappy, she never had such a "fancy" case before, with a clear side window and a fancy clear side fan with 2 or 3 different colored LEDs in it. Probably need to hook her up with blacklights as well, since she has the same mobo with UV-reactive slots and the same UV-reactive cables we do. We made her computer easy to upgrade and future-proof. We chose the same mobo for her that we have, cuz there is no better non-SLI mobo for AMD64. Stable and reliable, and built for an overclocker (which we know she won't be doing). One thing's for sure though - next LANParty, me and Kyle will be representin', sho'nuff. W0rd. Jay needs to get his @ss a job and beef up that old Alienware! It will soon be the weakest computer among us all. And it's still the most expensive. Well anyways I wrote enough, on with the damn pictures.

     (If you need to see the specs for Kyle's PC, just check out my specs. Only the HDD, case, mouse and monitor are different. We overclocked his GPU by 50MHz and his vRAM from 1320MHz to 1500MHz at LANParty 12, and on August 24th 2006 me Kirk and Kyle overclocked his CPU by 600MHz).

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