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Kirk's BBQ for Dave's Berfday

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     We couldn't figure out what to do to celebrate Dave's berfday (June 23rd), so Kirk and I came up with the idea to have a BBQ for Dave at Kirk's house. Worked out great because Kirk's parents were out of town anyways. We rocked tha old-fashioned charcoal grille. Kirk did most of the cooking, and I did the rest. Kirk has a pretty decent amount of knowledge on BBQing, everything from how long to cook different pieces of meat, to how to sear the flesh and seal in the juices. Some good stuff there. All of these pictures were taken with Kirk's camera. Kirk did most of the picture taking, and alot of it was also handled with the camera's self time. A few random pics were taken by the rest of us. My brother was there of course, and Eric and Jay brought some food as well. Dan, Diego and Alejandro showed up near the end to wish Dave their best. Chris and I had to head back home at a decent time though so we wouldn't wake my mom up after she falls asleep. All the rest of the guys stayed there till late the next morning. I brought over the Dreamcast, and we rocked that and the N64. And of course classic Ping Pong on the Ping Pong table Kirk has in tbe basement, which you've seen in the LANParty pictures (the table we all put our computers and monitors on). We had a little Ping Pong tournament going on. Nothin' bettah than chillin' wit yo dawgz with meat on the grille and a beer in yo hand.

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