February 9th 2005:

Reprisal Complains About People Who Complain About The Police

The police. I'm so fucking tired of people whining and bitching about the police. Fuck the police is what NWA would say. Well FUCK THE NWA. Are you gonna save my ass when someone tries to rob me? NO. Hell you might be the ones trying to rob me. What the hell. You know you want the police to come and save you when bubba wants to dance with you in that dark alley. People give the police the hardest fucking time. Who the hell wants so save your loud mouth bitch ass after you talk so much shit. If I were the police I'd just let the hippies and dumb asses of the world get robbed, raped, shot, stabbed, etc. What was that you were saying? Fuck the who? Oh im sorry I cant understand you while your gagging on the cock/gun barrel jammed in your mouth. Dumb fucks. Shut you fucking mouth until youve got a better idea than having police around. Oh wait guess what, you bitch and whine and moan but then you dont have a fucking clue what your talking about. You dont have a better idea at all. You have to have police cuz there are to many fucking idiots who cant control themselves. If you act normal and dont do stupid shit th epolice will most likely leave you alone. When you do shady or do illegal shit they are on you like a fat chick on a twinky. What your surprised? What your a victim? What the fuck were you doing hanging out in front of that convienience store for the last hour? Asking people for the time. You fucking idiot, fuck you. The police have the worst job in the world, putting up with disrespectful loud mouth shit eaters but also having to protect those same cock whores. God help all you pussy hippies or dumb ass thugs if i were a cop. After 1 year id probably just stand around and laugh when a crime happened in your neighborhood. Id get a call someones house was being robber. Id drive over there and see people stealing your shit. Id be like oh wait, I gave this guy a speeding ticket last week and he called me a dirty pig. Id then get back in my car and drive away. have a nice life without all your shit. ass fuck. I think police would be alot less pissed off if they simply got a little more respect and a little less grief. Sure were all pissed we got a speeding ticket. But getting all pissy and blaming the cop is fucking stupid. have the nuts to admit that yea, he caught your dumb fucking ass. You were speeding asshole, its not profiling or any of that other shit, you were speeding. Fucking admit it, be mad at YOURSELF and get on with life. Am I claiming all police are stand up guys and completely honest and great. NO of course not. But there are enough who are and they are necesary. If you dont agree your a fucking idiot. Who else is gonna take on such a thankless job. Think about it have you EVER been robber by a police officer? NO you havent slacktard. Id rather put my faith in th epolice than all the fucking idiots out there on the street and im glad there are some people in the world with the cajones to stand up and at least try and uphold the law. Thats better than any of the other worthless idiots out there have done, yelling fuck the police and oink oink pigs, fuck you. you havent done shit. all you do is run you yap and try to pretend like your not a worthless waste of life. go fucking kill yourself. be thankful the police are around to protect our asses and unfortunately your ungrateful ass as well.