January 2nd 2005:

Reprisal Has A Problem With Some Dude At Wendy's

so i went to wendys (of course) to get some food while i waited for my useless sister. so i go to wendys i get their awesome food and im eating. im almost done when the biggest fucking asshole the universe has ever seen comes in and starts running his fucking mouth like its jammed open with my huge cock. this assfuck starts off small. i missed th efirst part of the incident because i was so mezmerized by wendys food. but then i noticed some guy (our resident butt fucker) at the counter was raising his voice and getting all pissy because someone didnt answer him right away. what was he bitching like a 2 year old about? they forgot his sauce. yes, i too thought this might cause the world to stop spinning and armageddon to come upon us, but then i realized. ITS SAUCE YOU FUCKING ASS PIRATE. SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. So then this walking piece of horseshit decides his table is dirty and he wants it cleaned. go fuck yourself, lick it clean like the bitch you are. then in another move to once again lower the bar of human stupidity he complains at the counter that he didnt get the chicken sandwich he ordered, because th eperson at the counter doesnt "hablo". he asks where his chicken sandwich with shrimp is. oh wait. guess what you dripping little pussy, wendys doesnt make anything with shrimp in it. and never have. you dumb fuck. its ironic that this guy goes on and on about how these people dont "hablo" making reference to the fact that english is probably not their first language, when in fact this fucking hypocrit cant read. newsflash you fucking homo, your full of shit. wake up and get your head out of your ass or is it wedged just to far up. what am i saying. you probably like things up your ass. the worst part is that this isnt the end, even thogh im going to try and summarize the rest. basically this guy continues to make references to the fact that his order isnt right because the people working there dont "hablo" like he pretends he does. and that these people need to be fired and people that do "hablo" hired. he also comments this probably wont happen because he tells the manager these are his "people" meaning hispanic and that for this reason he wont punish them. you know. for doing their FUCKING JOBS. he also spills a drink all over his table like the little prick he is and bitches about this as well. this guy deserved the death penalty hands down. i swear, if the manager had pulled a sawed off from behind the counter and blown the guys head all over the walls, i woulda been like shit, that was way to painless of a death. this guy needed to have a razorblade taken to him. then after he was cut up enough, rolled in salt, then rolled in some vinegar, and then i dont know some batterry acid. then left to rot. this guy thought he was so high and mighty, but in fact he was far beneath the people working at that wendys. where the fuck do you get the idea its ok to come into someones job and act lik eyour the fucking king you dirty little cunt. these people work hard for their fucking money and you have enough sand in your vagina to come in and talk down to them? your the biggest fucking peice of shit ive ever seen. i hope you make a comment like this again sometime and some huge latino dude walks in and rapes you like you just dropped the soap in the bighouse you shit eating cockbite. have some fucking respect for people at their jobs. people may work and provide a service for you, but you arent their fucking master and being a pissy little faggot should be punishable by a boot to the face followed by someone kicking you a new asshole. shit.

Kirk tells me later: "you shoulda been there for this. i was so fucking pissed off. the way this guy acted and talked was uncalled for. i was praying someone would get up and beat his face in with a 2x4."