Jeff's (aka Krale) Artwork

I have no idea how old any of these pieces are. I have not had contact with Jeff for many many months, since he moved to Tennesee to be wid his girlfriend last year. I found these pics by accident on Jay's PC, not aware that Jeff had artwork on there. I came upon them by chance. So I know nothing of the pieces themselves or their content. All I knows iz, he got some mad art skillz. I had originally planned to put them up at their original size, but they are simply too big, hitting above 3000x3000 resolution. I'm sad to say though, I think some of their visual quality was lost when I used BiCubic Resampling (the default) to scale then down in Photoshop. But any amount of scaling down would have caused them to lose some of their quality anyways. NOTE: All work on this page is copyright Jeff [last name unknown]. Do NOT steal his work!

FallenAngel Pic

This piece (above), The Fallen Angel, lost a ton of visual quality. You won't believe how vicious it looks at it's native 4456 x 4689 resolution (yes I know that's freakin' high). Mainly the transperancies and the lighting lost a good deal of their quality. Click here (or click on the pic itself) to see the full thing. The actual picture has not been reduced, but the browser will show it at 1114 x 1172 resolution (which is still freakin' high). I reccommend downloading it (right click on it and click "save as") and viewing it in the Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer, or in Photoshop at an 18% zoom view.

Waffles The Rocket Dog! Jeff made up this character just for fun, but I could have sworn he was gonna put Waffles in one of his comics or pieces of fiction.

Waffles The Rocket Dog spilled some milk. Aww too bad.

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