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Christmas 2006 (HHOOOORRAAYYY!!!!!!)

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     So here you will find various pictures from this Holidays of 2006. Mainly Christmas Day, but also some pics in the weeks leading up till Christmas Day. There are alot more pictures than what you see here, but my mom and my sister told me not to put any pictures of them online, on pain of a long and agonizing death. And I'm one to believe they will make good on those promisies. Thus, I do not have any pics on this page of my mom or my sister opening their presents, nor do I have pictures of good ol' family fun with them in it. Too bad, I really really wish I could show those pictures. Some of them are pretty funny, and some of them are heart-warming and brings tear to my eye. It's always nice to see the confusion, discomfort, terror, and disgust in my sister's face as her ice cold heart experiences a little bit of warmth and family happiness. Aw shucks, ain't dat jes' swell? I mean, I got like 3 pics of her in here, but they were not the ones she protested about to begin with. Though none of them look as bad as she thinks they do. As for my mother, she always looks alot better than she thinks she does in her pictures, but it doesn't matter - mom is the ruling power in this house, and if I don't want to get my ass kicked, it's better just to do what she says. Yeah I see some of you laffin' out there. None of you have Puerto Rican mothers. I think every person who has a spanish-speaking mother can identify with me. You don't get on yo momma's bad side, or you may never live to see the next day. Anyways, on to Christmas Happiness!

As with the last few picture galleries, the viewing of these pics was meant for the Firefox web browser, so I hope you guys are using it. When you first click on the pics, it shows the larger versions scaled down to fit onscreen (if your monitor resolution is lower than these pictures), and then you can click on this larger version to zoom in and see it at full size.

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