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Christmas 2005 Pics

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The first half of these pics (showing off the tree and other stuff like that) were taken a few days before Christmas. The rest of the pics (with actual people in them) were taken Christmas Day. We didn't get to open presents till after church, so this is more like Christmas Noon. The original size of the pictures is 1600x1200 resolution, but I scaled them down by 50% to 800x600 res. The thumbnails are 200x150 resolution. Click on the thumbnails to see the 800x600 version.

The presents I got were Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves, a nose hair trimmer (Thank God I needed one of those), a water cannon, and the F-Zero GX/AX soundtracks. I bought myself the speaker system and Chrono Trigger '99 soundtrack. My bro got the same water cannon I got and Family Guy shotglasses, as well as Dragon Quest VIII, Metroid Prime Pinball, Mario Kart DS, and Gunstar Super Heroes. All those damn games I bought for him. I got my sister the Parrappa the Rapper soundtrack. I dunno what else she got. All in all, it was a pretty laid-back, relaxing Christmas, and I best one I've had in years.

Created January 5 2005. Last Updated on January 6th 2006.
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