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Chris' Triple Monitor Setup with 2 PCs

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     These are some pictures I took not long before Chris moved out to Washington for college. He has his laptop in the middle, and he took the monitor from the Linux machine and put it on his main system as a second monitor, on the left side. I just took some quick pics of his desk setup because people would not be able to see it before he headed out. It confused him because when he moved objects or his mouse cursor onto the other screen, he would forget to look past the laptop. His brain would think the laptop screen was the second screen, and forget that there was a screen on the other side of the laptop. After using dual-monitors for a while, he like Kirk refused to go back to the primitive land of single monitors (which is where I still am - I don't have enough deskspace or enough money to have a dual-monitor setup). Ideally you want either two of the same monitors for a dual setup, or if you have LCDs you might want one LCD to make up for the strengths of the other. Kirk's main monitor is the king of gaming LCDs, the Viewsonic VX922. He wants another LCD monitor that is good for watching videos. The VX922 uses a TN panel, which are the fastest panels. I forgot what panels are good for video, but he wants to get a monitor with one of those panels. He's also thinking about getting a good HDTV to use as a second monitor, for watching movies and playing console games.

As with the last few picture galleries, the viewing of these pics was meant for the Firefox web browser, so I hope you guys are using it. When you first click on the pics, it shows the larger versions scaled down to fit onscreen (if your monitor resolution is lower than these pictures), and then you can click on this larger version to zoom in and see it at full size.

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