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Chris' Trip to Washington State, his PC, and the Linux Box

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     The first set of pics are pictures of Chris' Spring Break trip to Washington State. He went down there to check out the school he will be going to starting fall of 2007. He will be attending the number one school for video game design, programming and development: the DigiPen Institute of Technology. He's not majoring in game design though, he's majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (programming and working with hardware). Yeah you guessed it - that means working with video game console hardware and high-end PC hardware, at the engineering level (as well as low-level programming). DigiPen is located near Nintendo of America's campus (NOA is one of the school's biggest sponsors). It's also in close proximity to Microsoft (another sponsor). Chris got some pics of himself in front of DigiPen's campus and some buildings, and also at the front door of Nintendo System Technologies (NST). NST are the guys who made Wave Race: Blue Storm and 1080: Avalanche on the GameCube, as well as Metroid Prime Hunters on the Nintendo DS. NST is made up primarily of DigiPen graduates. There are also pictures of Chris standing at the Nintendo of America sign, and pictures of some random buildings at Microsoft's campus. While Chris was down there, he even met up with my good buddy J****n, who works for Microsoft and was able to hook us up with our copies of Windows Vista Ultimate through his employee discount a few months back. Chris drove down to Washington with mom and dad, which is crazy because that's a 40+ hour trip driving, not including stops for resting and sight-seeing. Chris spent his entire Spring Break down there. There is no way in heck I'm gonna drive down there. It's cheaper and much faster to take a plane (5 hour flight, which isn't short if you ask me). I selected these pictures out of the many many MANY hundreds they brought back with them - they had 7.08 GB worth of pictures! My dad has his camera set to take pictures in a RAW (.PEF) format, and at a resolution of 3008 x 2008!!! That's freakin' insane. I think it's more reasonable to have the settings my camera has, 1600 x 1200 resolution in the JPEG format. But whatever. My dad has a pretty good expensive camera (don't ask me what it is, I don't know and I don't care cuz I'm not into cameras), and he wants the pictures to be the highest quality he thinks he can achieve with it. That's why it saves pictures at an insane resolution in an uncompressed format that takes up a ton of space.

     In the next section of pics, we got some shots of Christopher's minimalistic PC upgrade when I was building the system (from sometime in January 2007). Following that section, there's pics of Chris' complete machine, his dual PC setup with the Linux box, the Linux box when it was in my room, and well yeah that's it. Chris' machine doesn't use an nForce board unfortunately, but it uses a pretty good SiS chipset rockin' an AMD Athlon 64 FX-60. He has 1 GB of RAM (my old DDR-400 GEIL RAM), and two 120mm red LED fans. He has the same PSU and mouse that I have, and he uses a RatPadz GS for his mousing surface. His graphics card is a GeForce 7900 GS with 256MB of vRAM (good performance for cheap), hooked up to a Viewsonic G90fB-4 (CRT). His controller is a Saitek P2500. HDD is a Seagate Barracuda 400GB, SATA 2.0 interface (3.0Gb/sec) with Native-Command-Queueing (NCQ) and 16MB cache. Basically we had a very short budget, especially since my mom wasn't gonna let Chris use all his money. So we did the cheapest upgrade we could do while moving Chris over to AMD64 and PCI-Express. The case, motherboard and CPU came as bundle from (which is one of the best ways to get a cheap but very good and nearly complete system). His massive CPU heatsink doesn't leave much room to get a RAM DIMM into slot 0. After I managed to get the stick in there, there wasn't very much clearance between the HSF and the DIMM, as you can see in those last pics for that section.

     BTW the Linux box is running Fedora Core 6. Before we moved to a permanent install, we had been running Knoppix Linux for years off of a live CD and later a DVD (the OS boots and runs from a CD or DVD). We used Knoppix versions 3.7 (CD) and then 5 (DVD). We are also looking into Ubuntu Linux. Linux is an awesome OS and we both hope to master it one day. Only then can we truly call ourselves computer masters. The class I'm taking now (Spring 2007 - CS216 UNIX using Linux) is the first step to getting there. Also, the fact that Apple's Mac OS X is really a version of BSD based off of UNIX is the operating system's sole saving grace. Forget all that crap Apple put in there - run the OS just like you would UNIX, rockin' the command line shell terminal. That's how all OSes based off of UNIX are supposed to be wielded. That's where the true power comes from, but I digress. Let it also be said I've always been a big fan of the Windows Command Prompt / DOS, and Microsoft's decreased reliance on it is a dissapointment.

As with the last few picture galleries, the viewing of these pics was meant for the Firefox web browser, so I hope you guys are using it. When you first click on the pics, it shows the larger versions scaled down to fit onscreen (if your monitor resolution is lower than these pictures), and then you can click on this larger version to zoom in and see it at full size.

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