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Christopher's High School Graduation and Commencement Ceremony (June 5th 2007)

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     Ah yes, high school graduation. Finally, 12 years of mandatory prison incarceration - I mean learning and education - come to an end. Chris had finally graduated from Bethesda Chevy Chase, the same school my sister and I had suffered in - I mean attended. Same goes for most of my friends. The lady dressed in blue at the podium speaking is Maria Shriver (her nephew was in Chris' graduating class). I wanted to get some pics of John and Chris later on, but the aftermath of the graduation and commencement ceremonies was nightmarish and chaotic, like when all the animals escape from a zoo all at once. We couldn't even meet up with John. As you can see, Eric and Jay came as well to support Chris. Kirk should have come, but he was busy trying (and failing) to get in the pants of some chick named Claire. My mom does NOT want to be on this website in any way shape or form, so I had to black her out of the pictures she was in. Including her on this site means not living to see tomorrow. Anyways, I'm glad Chris is finally out of school, and we all wish him luck throughout his college career and afterwards. Maybe he can get my ass a job.

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