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Cars - This page is all about kickass performance vehicles, owned and operated by people I know.

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This page won't be updated much though. I just added this in a hurry to show off some stuff. Mainly cuz well I don't know many peepz with sick performance vehicles. I would like to be one myself.

      My old high school buddy Armik, who I have not seen in years, hit me up recently with his new buy: A 2004 Mustang Mach I. He sold his old supercharged Mustang GT and bought the Mach I in March of 2004, and didn't waste any time suping it up. Upgrades include "flowmasters, h-pipe (no cats), heads, cam, blower (procharger 6lbs 8PSI of boost), brembo brakes, drag suspension. . . BF drag radials." He hasn't dynoed it since the upgrades, so HP and torque is uknown. But when you see those pics, DAMN you know there is some serious power when the front end lifts upon launch. And the sound? "It's loud but has a nice tone. . .not too loud, with backfire. . .sounds good when you punch it." Here are some pics he sent me, and the rest of the pics you can check out in the link that follows.

Old GT and the new Mach I:

Mach I new:

Mach I at a car show:

Drag Racing (he's in background on other side of lane divider, right side of the picture):

Old GT's motor:

And the rest of the pics you can see here:

      This dawg is John Rampersaud. Mad chill dude I met Fall 2004 semester in my Internet class. Rocks a supercharged Grand-Am (or is it a Grand Prix? I always get them confused). Trying to get more details on the car as well as pics. As I understand it, he also likes to design new body kits. The drawing below is a preliminary one that was changed drastically after I took the shot. Oh well. He still needs to send me pictures of his car.

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