Alienware Arrival

These pics were taken a few days after Jay first received his Alienware. I think this was summer of 2004. When he got it, it was the most expensive, most powerful PC we had ever seen. $3,318 got him a VIA chipset, Athlon64 FX-51 (socket 940), 1GB of Corsair DDR400 Registered RAM, a Radeon 9800XT with 256MB of vRAM, and twin 80GB SATA-I HDDs in a RAID 0 config. Plus, it was an Alienware - that name used to hold alot of weight back in the day. Check it:

  1. Alien Beast

  2. Alienware - Yeah, Jay is Proud

  3. Alienware Breathing Vents - Red Evil Lurks Inside

  4. Alienware Cable Organizer for Back of System

  5. Alienware Classified Information

  6. Alienware Desk Setup

  7. Alienware Desktop on an NEC Monitor

  8. Alienware Keyboard

  9. Logo wit da Red Eyes

  10. Logo on tha T

  11. Alienware Master CD

  12. Alienware Shipping Box

  13. Alienware Side Gills

  14. Alienware System (AMD Athlon64 FX-51 (Socket 940), Radeon 9800XT w/ 256MB VRAM, 1GB of Corsair XMS DualChannel DDR400 RAM (Registered DIMMS), Two 80GB HDDs in RAID 0 config)

  15. System Side View

  16. Top Secret Documents (and the voucher to get Half-Life 2 for free)

  17. Tha T

  18. Back of tha T

  19. Front of tha T

  20. BAWLS - It'll Keep You Up

  21. BAWLS is Damn Powerful

  22. Gives you dat Natural High, mon

  23. BAWLS and tha Alienware

  24. BAWLS in the Cover Art, BAWLS in Real Life

  25. Tha Collection - Beginnings

  26. Behind Tha Mask, Undah Tha Skin

  27. Caffeine OD

  28. Jay Caught by Surprise Chillin' wid da Alienware

  29. Chris and Jay Chillin'

  30. Chris Gets Into The Game

  31. Chris on the UT2K4 Demo

  32. Chris Rockin' the UT2K4 Demo on tha Alienware

  33. Christopher's System

  34. Da Hooded Man Reinstalls Halo

  35. Da Man

  36. Intellimouse Explorere 3.0 wid da Alienware Logo

  37. Jay Photoshopping on his Alienware

  38. Jay's Back Wall

  39. Jay's Left Wall

  40. Jay's Right Wall

  41. Methinks He Likes It!

  42. Now Watch Mah Skillz!

  43. Reflective Side of the Beast

  44. Shipping Box Goes To Tha Waist

  45. Super-Slick Low-Friction Mousepad from fUnc, Rockin' da Alienware Logo

  46. The Master and tha Machine

  47. New Parts for the Secondary PC (AMD Athlon XP 2600+, Radeon 9600XT, nForce2 mobo (NFII Ultra B LANParty series from DFI), and other kickass parts)

  48. 179 AVG Frames Per Second in UT2K4 is Too Slow for dis Machine!

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