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     I created this website just for fun. Just to see if I could do it. I originally made it to practice XHTML after I first learned a little bit of it in Internet and Web Literacy class (fall semester of 2004). I used the creation of this site to keep up with what little knowledge of XHTML I had over the Winter Break, before I took Web Design with XHTML in the spring semester of 2005. Now that I have completed that course, I would like to work on this site 100%. It all depends on how lazy I get throughout the summer. Not only that, but looking at this site after taking Web Design, I really see how screwed up the code is. That's what happens when you try to hand-code a site and don't know what the heck you're doing. Now I have to go back and fix everything, and that sucks @ss. It's gonna be alot of work to fix up my old screwed-up code. Dang.

     After taking Advanced Web Design in the Fall semester of '05, I really see that this site is screwed up like anything. Yeah I think I'm too lazy to do anything with this site. I don't really see the point anyways. Well, while you're here I hope you enjoy the site. I'm not a professional web designer like my friends Javier and Ken, so some of you need to get off my back (you know who you are). Don't expect no fancy shiznit here. Maybe if my skills improve enough, and I actually have the drive to make a really kickass site, then it will look professional and function like a professional site. But hey, I'm just kinda effing around here, and it's me by myself working on this thing. And yes, I do try to keep my language clean. My family sees this site too you know. My dad pays for this webspace. My domain is piggybacking off of his domain name ( If he don't like what he sees, he'll take this crap off.

     So yeah. Enjoy tha site. If it wasn't for the practice, I would say that maintaining this site is more trouble than it's worth. So far I've ended up just using it to show pictures to my homies who don't live around here (other freakin' side of the U.S.). Yeah all this space is used for now is to upload pictures to. Some sections haven't gotten off the ground (and may never do so), and most sections were discontinued years ago. To those of you who criticize (cougher1cyatescough), lemme see you do something better. PEACE!

Created January 5 2005. Last Updated on July 28th 2006, minor update December 12th 2006 & June 21st 2007.
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